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I was up late last night editing photos so I treated myself to some hot chocolate.  (I basically froth some milk then add two big ol' spoonfuls of Nesquick - nothing fancy but very yummy.)  When the milk was ready, I opened our cabinet to find the perfect mug for my delicious drink.  That's when I realized we have a the most random collection of plain white mugs interspersed with mugs from a bunch of colleges and law firms.  To say we have a boring collection would be putting it mildly.

Me: I don't like our mugs.  We need to get more girlie mugs.

The BF: You mean like, purple mugs with sparkly unicorn handles?

Me: Um, no.  I mean, we need more feminine, romantic, charming, sweet mugs.  We need some mugs from Anthropologie.

The BF: Oh god.

I think #1 and #2 are my faves but they're all so lovely in their own way.  Which mugs would you choose?

1. Creature Comfort Mug
2. Sip-of-Nectar Mug
3. Lohja Cup
4. Curious Deciduous Cup



  1. Oh my gosh....ANTHRO! They kill me. They have the cutest stuff ever! I love #2, but they are all darling. I looked up black friday sales and I think that all their sale stuff might be 50% off on Friday- just a heads up. I read it on some website...so hopefully it's true! :)

  2. I would definitely not settle for anything less than a purple mug with sparkly unicorn handles.

  3. Oh my goodness. I die. Anthro kills me with their beautiful glassware. I love #3... I'm afraid I'd spill #1 while trying to hold onto that owl. It's pretty adorable though... I could maybe make that sacrifice. ;)

    Hey Ali, not sure if you'll see this... but last year Anthro did a large percentage (I think 60% off of the sale items) for the first two hours that the store opened. But you're right, the sale stuff was 40-50% off the rest of the day. (:

  4. oh yes-2 is my fave. one is cute, but I can imagine I would get more down my chin than in my mouth with that one!

  5. love the mug in the fourth photo!

  6. These are so adorable and I love that the bf chose "purple mugs with sparkly unicorn mugs". Too funny!

  7. These are so cute! Love Anthropologie... my favorite is #3! I only collect random mugs... I don't have a set and I like it that way :) A bonus is when you have guests over everyone knows whose coffee is whose!!

  8. i think a good mug makes the contents taste better. i either like big ones you can really wrap your hands around or tea cups with saucers. it is just to use a tea pot and a cup with a saucer! feels more special and kind of old school:)

  9. #2 is my favorite! I've been eyeing for a long time now!

  10. HA! Love your bf's comment. And now you do need to get the purple mug with the sparkly unicorn handle. And paint his name on the side.

  11. love them all but that 4th one is so so cute!


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