On My Mind this Monday

To chocolate milk or not to chocolate milk.

That is the question.

Normally, I drink it every morning.

And every evening.

And after my workouts.

Because Lance Armstrong drinks it after his workouts.

But Lance Armstrong also dopes up pre-workout (allegedly).

So maybe that's not the best reason to drink it.

The best reason is that it's so sweet and smooth.  So creamy and delicious.

So satisfying in every way.

Almost like a drug.

No wonder Lance loves it...

What's on your mind this Monday?


  1. or maybe lance has it becuase he burns like a gazillion calories. maybe. i would still have it though...

  2. "Almost like a drug. No wonder Lance loves it..."

    hehehe Oh that darn Lance Armstrong... I still like him

    My husband read that chocolate milk is a good after-workout drink, so he drinks it sometimes too. (:

    I say "to chocolate milk"... it's too good not to!

  3. I need to perfect my chocolate milk recipe.

  4. chocolate milk is seriously the best non-alcoholic drink out there.

  5. this is the only reason I get a workout done: chocolate milk finale:-) I actually need to go pick up a new gallon today...and hit the gym! thanks for the reminder! ugh:-) xoxo

  6. to chocolate milk ... one of my favourite drinks, beats alcohol every time. chilly and refreshing in summer, hot and cozy in winter, where's my cup :-)

    have a great monday!

  7. i can't remember the last time i had chocolate milk. and now i want some.

  8. i like chocolate and milk, just usually in the chocolate cake and glass of milk variety :)

  9. Chocolate Milk is the best. Do it. ;)

  10. Why would you ever NOT drink chocolate milk!? ;)

  11. oh, i am so bummed! i had such a lazy bones jones over the weekend that i completely slacked on the blogging & missed the link up...i barely even got a post out yesterday!

    i am totally cracking up now though!!! :D you are hilarious! XO brynn


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