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Fall in California

I wonder when it'll finally start to feel like fall.

I know it's cliche but those pumpkin spice lattes are calling my name.

And my new boots, too.  I can hear them now, tempting me.

They're feeling restless after being pent up in my closet for so long.

I still haven't been able to where them anywhere.  It's been too warm.

Oops.  That was the wrong 'where.'  Darn homophones.

I distinctly remember having a whole spelling test based on homophones in elementary school but I have no idea what grade that was.

Why am I thinking about homophones on a Monday?  Is this what the rest of the day is gonna be like?

Guess that's why they call it 'Monday Funday.'  Those are not homophones, by the way.

But it rhymes.  Sorta.

What's on your mind this Monday?  Link up below and let us know.  That rhymed too.  Whoop-dee-doo!  (Ok.  I'll stop now.)


  1. on my mind this monday, a day off from work thank you Mr. Columbus :-) hope you had a great weekend Stephanie!

  2. new boots...makes me think of the episode in Friends when Phoebe wears new shoes...make me laugh just thinking about it.

  3. I am drinking an iced pumpkin spiced latte right at this moment :) Yes - iced...our weather is not too warm, not too cold...but not yet warm enough for the hot version of the pal at 2:17 in the afternoon! Loving this Monday series :) I would love to link up next week! XO Brynn

  4. I hope your boots get to escape from your wardrobe soon! :)

  5. I wore mine Stephanie! Can you believe it? Fall boots in Texas in October?? Unheard of until now

  6. I just read a blog post all about boots, and now this... my boots are taunting me from my closet too. Why is it still so hot outside?

    Oh, and homophone, what a fun word. (: Now that's going to be on my mind haha

  7. Darn homophones??? LOL you kill me Stephanie! I heart you tons. I do!



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