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- Ok, I finally saw part three of RHONJ's reunion show.  Teresa's new name should be Teresa O.M.Gi-udice.  That beezy has lost her damn mind.  It's so sad to watch.  And it's sad not just because you're watching a family fall apart.  It's sad because you're watching a family fall apart on national TV.  I mean, every family has drama at some point but they are broadcasting their family drama and preserving it for all eternity.  Her daughters will be able to watch her call their aunt a stripper and a whore.  They're going to see their dad call their mom a C-U-Next-Tuesday...in front of cameras and millions of viewers.  I can't even believe people put this stuff on TV.  Is nothing private anymore?  I mean, your family is collapsing and cameras are capturing every bit of it.  It doesn't get more awkward than that.


- The sidewalk in front of our apartment was replaced this week.  This will be awesome once it dries but right now, it's like navigating an obstacle course.  They literally tore up our front door step then left a big ol' hole there overnight.  Yesterday they poured the cement and I was trapped inside until they finished.  The workers all went across the street and sat in the shade eating hamburgers while it dried.  But me?  I just stood in my doorway staring longingly at the beautiful world I couldn't be a part of.  Or maybe I just spent that time catching up on the aforementioned horrible reality TV...  The world will never know.

- A new Target opened in the city.  It's the first Target in San Francisco and it's one of their new City Targets.  I have to say, it was pretty cool.  While there, I caved into peer pressure and purchased the uniform of a San Franciscan - a plaid shirt.

- I have mad cravings for chocolate chip cookies so I'm working on a recipe today that I can (hopefully) share with you next week!  There will most likely need to be many taste tests involved in order to perfect the recipe before I can share it.  I guess I'll just have to force myself to be the taste tester.  It's one of the sacrifices a blogger has to make for good post content...

- And my final awesome of the week is ... YOU.  Seriously, you guys are awesome.  Your response to my self-employment posts always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for all your support and encouragement through my latest adventure.  You guys rock.


  1. I've never watched that show, and I don't think I ever want to. It sounds like a real trainwreck!

  2. That woman looks scary!!! I've watched the Orange County version a few times and just can't get over how hideous these people seem to be! All false, bitchy, whiny, materialistic in the worst sense and with way too much makeup and bleached hair - very strange tv...

    The pavement being replaced is nothing compared to what I have to endure today: Our bathroom is being re-done and I can't use the facilities all day - of course I'm now thinking of nothing else. There! ;-)

    Look forward to a recipe for some chocolate chip cookies - will have to make them too!

    Have a great day xo

  3. i feel ya on RHONJ. it's painful. and to think it used to be such a fun show.

  4. Yay for city Targets!!! We had one open here a few months ago and I couldn't be happier that I no longer need to drive 20 minutes outside of the city to make my Target run!!! XO Brynn

  5. OMGiudice brilliant hehe ... Teresa is just plain crazy and it is sad to witness on national television (but obviously makes for great tv).

    Don't even get me started on Target ... I go in thinking I will spend 5 minutes and $5 and end up three hours later with $50 worth of stuff I probably don't need hehe (love that store)

  6. I can't live without a Target so it's good that SF is finally getting one! It'll probably be crowded as all get out though - boo

  7. I feel the same way as you about RHWONJ. I'm so over it.
    I LOVE Target!!!! I go there at least once a week. Try and avoid the dollar spot!! LOL.

  8. Good thing I don't have cable, so I don't watch these shows anymore. Every now and then I catch an episode on Hulu... And it makes me thank God for how blessed I am for my normal life! Money really CAN'T buy happiness.

  9. Teresa has gone off the deep end. I have a bad feeling there's more downhill though before she goes up again. Unfortunately, their kids will be able to see all of their shenanigans some day.

    City Target... that sounds interesting, I hadn't heard of that before.

  10. SO JEALOUS you have a good target in san fran! i miss it so much.

  11. Target is two blocks from my place. I feel like I hit the apartment jackpot! Miss you, Steph!

  12. RHONJ is so horrible and fantastic, I can't stop watching. But seriously - so sad that the kids will see their father saying horrible, disgusting things about their mother.

  13. what would we do without to you taste test all those chocolate chip cookie recipes? you're such a saint.

  14. I'm up for being a cookie taste tester! YUM! And your number one awkward is the main reason we don't have a TV other than for DVDs! People are whack!


  15. Yaaaay for a new Target! Target is seriously an obsession of mine so I gottcha there! ;) Mmm cookies are the best and I've totally gone off my diet this weekend. In serious trouble!

  16. all the RH spectacles are my guilty pleasure....but NJ ended up having just too much yelling and Bleeped out conversations!


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