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I sometimes take for granted how lucky we are to live in such a vibrant town.  People travel from all over the world to come visit the parks and landmarks that make up our backyard.  So The Boyfriend and I are making more of effort to explore this fine city of ours.  And we started with the SF Zoo, of course.

For our 4-year anniversary, The Boyfriend planned a lovely day at the zoo.  (He knows me so well.)  We went on a Monday morning, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.  And the weather was nice & mild that day so most of the animals were out and active - and very entertaining!

Upon entering the gates, the first thing I noticed was the unusually high number of peacocks roaming the zoo's grounds.  I'm used to seeing squirrels all over the place but peacocks?  There were a few males, resting and grooming their feathers, but there were also a lot of females and the occasional baby.  I'd never seen a baby peacock before - they look just like ducklings!

We got to the zoo just a few minutes before the bears' feeding time so we headed over to check them out.  The polar bear was feeling more lazy than hungry, I guess.

The grizzlies, on the other hand, were going nuts diving in the water searching for the food their trainers hid.  I'm glad there was a glass barrier to separate us - you don't want to come between a lady grizzly and her lunch!

Just as The Boyfriend was reading about the bald eagle's wing span, this guy decided to stretch out and show off for us.  Sadly, he only had one wing to show.  It's good to know he's living out a safe & cozy retirement at the zoo.

 That koala was so freakin' cute he didn't even look real!

The penguins at the SF Zoo are from South America, not Antarctica, so they're perfectly happy hanging out in the open air on their little island.

Colorful-but-scary face!

We wandered into Africa for a bit.

The big cats are always a fave for me.  Someday, I will pet a lion.  I don't know how or when, but someday...
Something about the prairie dogs reminded me of Molly...

...maybe it's the chub rolls on their little arms & legs.

One thing's for sure, these animals are definitely well-fed.

Have you ever been to the SF Zoo?



  1. great shots...of course ;) i just love the zoo! and i hear you on not taking advantage of all of the awesomeness in your own backyard...the zoo here is literally in our backyard (seriously, it is like 4 blocks away - walking distance!) and we have never been together. i have been with friends, but never with my boy...& i just love the idea of a date at the zoo :) XO brynn

  2. Can you believe I have never been? It's surprising even to me, because I love zoos. What a great day date! Maybe I'll send the link of this post to the mr.... :)

  3. good date idea, boyfriend :) zoo's are so much fun!

  4. i hav never been to the SF zoo is it bad that i didn't even know they had a zoo up there? i have spent plenty of time in SF but clearly not at the zoo

  5. I haven't ever been to the SF zoo, but I absolutely love zoos. Denver has a great zoo, and we visited it while living out there... but we've never been to the Tampa zoo yet. Gonna have to add that to my Florida Bucket List. Yikes! (:

    Is that last photo a meerkat? Did you ever watch meerkat manor on Animal Planet? (:

  6. love the SF zoo. I can't control myself around all those super cute animals!

  7. the baby peacock - how cute!!! and i love the lazy polar bear. this is a good reminder to get back to the bronx zoo - i had such a fun day there.

  8. Too funny, the beau and I went to the zoo a few months ago (we live in San Diego) to finally take advantage of what's in our city!

    Just started following ;)


  9. I live in Australia & Koalas are always that cute:) We get them in the big gum trees across the road from our house. They are super cute, Until you hold one and they pee on you that is...

  10. Omg the last pic! That's a meerkat right? I can't help but crack up laughing. So cute. I love zoo. I try to visit it once a year.

  11. I haven't been to the zoo yet, but it is on my list. I love zoos.



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