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I'm a little late in getting this post up today but better late than never, right? :)

The Boyfriend and I celebrated our four-year anniversary yesterday.  I had a lot of work to do (my, how the tables have turned...) so we're planning on continuing the celebration on Monday.  I'll be sure to take lots of photos for you, of course.  Because that's just what I do.

This week's theme for Friday's Fancies is 'fall lust list.'  Each of these items are things I'm lusting for individually but I kinda like how they all work together, too.  Especially that leather jacket - I've been craving a leather jacket for years but still haven't found The One.  You know, The One that fits perfectly with everything in your wardrobe; The One that makes you feel good about forking over the cash without looking back.  This one comes pretty close, not gonna lie, though I'm not convinced it's The One yet.  What do you think?

1. Polka-Dot sweater - I'm in love with this sweater but I have to say, it was a tough decision between the polka dots and this adorable French hen sweater.  Good thing neither one is in my budget right now...
2. Arrow ring - Anthro calls it the Sherwood ring but I call it the Katniss ring.
3. Leather jacket - I love the masculine jacket paired with the feminine polka-dot sweater.
4. Skinny jeans
5. Tory Burch boots - yeah, you saw them yesterday but that doesn't mean I want them any less.
6. Chambray top

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I love the green polka dot sweater and that cute little arrow ring! I'm also hoping for cooler weather so I can actually wear my chambray top and boots. (:

  2. yup yup yup need it all. no doubt about that! just need, where can i give you my address so you can mail all the stuff to me?

  3. So yeah, we need to go shopping bc I want most of those things. I bought a pair of boots yesterday and still want more! MOAR!

  4. I need the Katniss ring! I'm in love. And I can't wait for Fall aka boot season. And those Tory's are perfection.

  5. Oh yes! Please bring on more sweaters, jeans and boots.

  6. What great picks! I still haven't found a perfect chambray top either - they're gonna be out of style before I get my act together at the rate I'm going! Ha! Love how versatile they are though...as are all the pieces in your collection here. Happy Monday!


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