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- So remember when I mentioned falling at a wedding over the weekend?  I thought I'd share the full story, just in case you need a laugh.  The chair was one of those wooden folding chairs that can sometimes be unsteady.  The party was rockin' so I stood up on the chair to get some dance photos.  After a couple of photos, I shifted to make an adjustment on the camera and ... BAM!!  The tiniest shift in weight made the chair fold up on itself and take me down with it!  I didn't want my camera to get damaged so I was holding it above my head as I fell, which was pretty dumb considering I had the strap around my neck.  So, basically, I choked myself as I fell off the chair.  The best part is that, as I was falling, I couldn't decide whether I wanted a) no one to see it because it was so embarrassing or b) someone to catch it all on video because it was so hilarious.

- The Boyfriend and his dad made the jumbotron at the Giants game Tuesday night!!  This would normally be on the Awesome list but you didn't see The Boyfriend's dance moves...

- I picked up a few Yankee Candles for the apartment this week.  Now the place smells like Spiced Pumpkin and Autumn Wreath.  It may not feel like fall yet but at least it can smell like fall!!

- I finally decided to jump the droid ship and ordered the new iPhone 5.  What can I say?  Sprint made me an offer I couldn't refuse.   I'm pretty excited because this also means I can now get the VSCOCam app I've been lusting over.  (Let's be honest, one of the main reasons I wanted that phone is for the camera and camera apps.)  Now I just have to find a good case for my new little gadget.  Paris in the fall and quirky mustaches?  Purple sparkles and graphic chevrons?  How can I choose between them?

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  1. i like the paris cover or the graphic cover (the sparkles aren't too shabby either). i'm glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fell - you're one dedicated wedding photographer!

  2. Oh no! Those folding chairs are the worst, I've definitely had that happen to me before...though never at a wedding! And welcome to the iphone side ;) The moustache iphone cover is so cute. And I love the purple one, too!

  3. Oh man, that fall totally sounds like something I would do!
    I hope you like the iPhone. I switched from Android earlier this year and I love the iPhone camera, but I hate that it doesn't have voice navigation and even before they got rid of Google maps, somehow their maps app has gotten me lost multiple times. Like I put in the address and it takes me to the wrong location! Apparently it's only going to get worse with the upgrade and the removal of google maps. Anyway, there is lots you will love about the iPhone, but I recommend maybe double checking your routes by computer before leaving the house!

  4. I HAVE TOTALLY fallen off the same folding chairs. I know that panic so well.

  5. That sounds like something I would do!! How are you liking the iphone 5. I can't get one until July! Oh well. I love the hipster phone case.

  6. I think my reaction would have been to save the camera too!

    I'm diggin that mustache case, but the sparkly glam one is nice too... now if only I had an iPhone to put in one of those cute cases. ;)

  7. blast! those folding chairs will get you every time.
    glad you are okay!

    xo the egg out west.

  8. Oh my gosh! Are you okay??? That sounds really painful.. For real!! And I would totally be holding the camera over my head too..
    And what's this? You're getting an iPhone?? WOOOO! I got mine for the photo apps too..Mainly Hipstamatic.. But I barely use that now.. lol


    PS> Can't wait to see your VSCO pics! (sp?)

  9. I wanted a really cute case but ended up getting an Otterbox because I'm way too clumsy for anything else :)

  10. is it okay that i laughed at your falling story? not at you, just with you, right?

  11. oh my gosh, getting on the Giants jumbotron would make my husband's year. and I totally need to get some fall candles. need to!

    anddd go for the graphic chevron one. I love it.

  12. Definitely purple and sparkly! :D


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