Awkward & Awesome

- That moment when you realize you forgot to do something important - like, oh I don't know, pay an overdue parking ticket.  It's really awkward when that moment hits you at 3am and you can't fall back asleep either...

- City traffic.  In less than 10 minutes, I was almost hit by a bus that ran a red light and two other crazy drivers who apparently forgot how to use turn signals.  And I almost hit a biker and a blind pedestrian.  All within 10 minutes of each other!!  The blind pedestrian gets a pass for obvious reasons but there's no excuse for that biker.  He darted out into the intersection like he was just begging to be hit.  I swear, sometimes running errands feels more like running the gauntlet.

- Photo booths at weddings.  The Boyfriend and I are very camera shy, in case you couldn't tell.

- Grabbing a latte in the middle of a weekday morning.  One of the joys of self-employment.

- Exciting new business plans.  I've recently come up with a new focus for Stephanie Court Photography that complements wedding photography quite well.  I'm super pumped to start working on it next month as wedding season winds down.  I don't mean to be cryptic but I need to finalize more of the details before I'm ready to start promoting it full out.  I will say this, though - I might be looking for a studio space sooner than I planned!


  1. Sounds like you have exciting plans in the oven! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. That picture needs to be framed. So good.

    Good luck with the new venture, I'm really looking forward to hearing about it all when things fall into place!

  3. Latte in the middle of the day? Check! I'm with ya sister on the freedom to do that

  4. You guys are totes camera shy. Like a lot.

  5. That picture is priceless, and TOTALLY AWESOME! Love it!


  6. I have those awkward moments all the time and I have a planner that I write these important things in - yet still forget. *shakes head* Photo booths are great and lattes are even better in the afternoon. Envious!

  7. I swear - some of the craziest drivers are in San Francisco!!! It seriously stresses me out to drive in that city...which is why I just won't do it! Public transportation is key for me :) XO brynn

  8. oh...and i meant to also say...HOORAY for your upcoming business ventures!!! can't wait to hear about it :) XO brynn

  9. I almost hit a dog on the way home from work today :-( I was driving through town, and he just trotted right out into the road in front of me. I had to slam on my brakes (because I didn't believe he'd really keep walking). Glad to see I have good brakes.

    Also, super cute photo booth pic. So fun! I am impressed.

  10. Can't wait to hear what you have planned!

    I love the photo booth picture.

    ALso, Husband and I refer to a certain part of our local Costco as running the gauntlet. I have a love hate relationship with that store. Something about free samples and cheap televisions that makes people lose all sense of self-awareness. But I digress.


  11. haha that pic of you two is amazing!

    good luck w the new idea! cant wait to hear all about it!

  12. That pic of you and your boyfriend is Awesome! Totally camera shy.

    Can't wait to hear what your new work developments are... don't keep us waiting m'kay? ;)


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