Are You Ready for Some Football?

My 'boys are playing tonight, y'all.  That's right.  I dropped the y'all bomb.  No matter how long I've been away, I just can't repress the Texan in me.  Especially not when it comes to football.

And today is the first day of the 93rd season of the NFL.  The Cowboys are playing the Giants in New York and I know it'll be a good game.  Maybe a barbeque-worthy game.  Mmm... barbeque... and football...

I just hope Romo doesn't blow it tonight.

Via The NYTimes


  1. My boys don't play until Sunday haha. I hate when the Packers play the 49's. I always feel bad rooting against SF :(

  2. my husband is a hardcore Giants fan, so we're against you on this one :) go Giants!

  3. I'm so excited for football and although I love my Bengals I'll be cheering on the Cowboys tonight!
    And um BBQ ... Now I'm hungry!

  4. Jarrod is so excited, but so upset because he won't be able to stay up for the whole game. He's a huge Cowboys fan.

  5. How did I miss the part where you're from Texas? The y'all was very appropriate for this post. I know I'm ready for some football! Barbecue sounds amazing right about now. Yum yum.

    Have a fun night of football!

  6. my boys are playing tonight too...in red, white and blue. my condolences in advance. let's rumble! ;)

  7. playing the G-Men. The city was filled with Giants t-shirts after work...and so it begins!

  8. And a good game it was! Love me some Romo.


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