Wise Words

If you could live life exactly as you pleased for one day, what would you do?  I'd fly to France, eat macarons from Ladurée, and spend the day people-watching and photo-making.


  1. Ride into the sunset ma'am on a beach and never look back. Heroes never look back (okay sometimes they do)

  2. I'd start writing blog posts about bloggers I don't like. YES THAT WOULD HAPPEN. And I'd also move to the beach where I could sun all day and the bf could golf to his heart's content!

  3. I would just as you said you would do but I would also add shopping!!!

  4. I'd ride bikes along the boardwalk with my husband. Or horses. Horses would be better. I'm a simple kind of girl.

  5. Ah, wonderful! I'd fly to Cinque Terre and re-live one of my favorite days spent there. I wish being an adult allowed you to just live every single day exactly how you want...instead of having money and responsibilities...


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