The San Diego Zoo

I've always loved zoos.  It was always my favorite field trip in elementary school.  When I was a nanny in Chicago, I took the kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo at least once a month and any time I visit NYC, I make a stop at the Central Park Zoo.  We even went to the Puerto Vallarta zoo while on vacation last year.  So when we decided on a vacation in San Diego, my first comment was, "Let's go to the zoo!"  I'm so predictable.

Me at the San Antonio Zoo in 1985

And at the San Diego Zoo in 2012.  Apparently my hair hasn't changed in 27 years...

Let me tell you, the San Diego Zoo did not disappoint!  We spent a full day - almost 8 hours - and still didn't see everything the zoo had to offer.  It was amazing and worth much more than the price of admission.

 I couldn't believe how huge these turtles were.  One of them is 150 years old!  And they were so friendly, too.  The big guy on the right just loved having his neck/chin rubbed.

I hope he's not laughing at my pink pants...

This mama jaguar was fierce.  She paced back and forth in front of the window the whole time her little cubs were out playing.

This smarty-pants said 'hello' when I first walked up and 'bye-bye' when I left.  And he said 'what' every time he heard my shutter click!

How do you feel about zoos?  Do you love them as much as I do?


  1. We've been to our zoo twice in the last 2 weeks (we have a yearly pass). Funny that you still have that picture from 1985. Wish I had taken more of you on that day.

  2. I just went to the Brox Zoo and now I want to kill myself. I forgot how AMAZING the SD Zoo is. Ugh. I wanna goooooo!

  3. Oh goody, I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. I think I got a workout just from walking around the SD Zoo, it's HUGE

  4. Ah! I love the ZOO! The one here in Houston is sort of disappointing though- it seems really small :( When I lived in Tucson, AZ I could have spent my whole childhood watching the polar bears swim! SO COOL!

    Your photos are all so great- makes me want to go to the zoo soon!

    Happy Friday!

    xo Kayla

  5. I have that same exact goat picture!! You got some great shots. I think I took 634 shots of the giraffes and couldn't get a great one. I never saw those huge turtles they are adorable!

  6. I LOVE zoos! I have been to zoos everywhere I go hahaha

    We went to SD zoo when we were there, spent the whole day and didn't have time to see it all either! Such a fun place.

  7. Cutest picture of you as a little girl!

  8. i love zoos too and remember going to them a lot growing up. the san diego zoo is one of the best!! glad to hear you had a great trip cant wait for more re-caps!

  9. I am so jealous. I want to go to teh zoo so badly. I am a sucker for any zoo, but San Diego is supposed to be "the zoo". You took some great pics!



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