San Diego on Film

Just a few film shots from San Diego.  I shot these on my little Minolta - the first 35mm I bought for myself.  This is the last of the San Diego recaps, I swear.   It's not even a recap, really.  Just a few pictures.  Everyone likes pictures, right? :)

These two girls had a huge pile of beach toys nearby but found the seaweed much more interesting.  They spent about 45 minutes running up and down the beach collecting seaweed and adding it to their little mountain.

What a stud.



  1. Looks quite wonderful. I found the SD beach a little chilly. How was it?

  2. Love the seaweed mountain, looks like those girls were having a great time!

  3. Awww! Sweet seaweed girls! Haha! I loooove your pictures..the more the merrier! Haha! I did part 1 of my SD post today and directed my friends over to your place to look at your post too..I just love you that much! ;-)

    Janette the Jongleur

  4. What Minolta do you have? I have an x-370, and I love it. I should pull it out one of these days . . . I still have film left.


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