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This week's theme for Friday's Fancies is Short & Sweet.  I always love how shorts look on other people (for the most part ... there are some exceptions...) but I just never like them on myself.  I have pasty white legs that seem to repel the sun and, while they're not jelly by any means, they're not exactly toned either.  So I stick to skirts and dresses in the summertime and leave the shorts to the more vertically gifted ladies.  If I could pull off shorts, though, I think I'd like a sweet preppy summer outfit like this one.  It's perfect for anything from a brunch with the ladies to a day of wine tasting with The Boyfriend.  I would even wear something like this to meet a client on a hot day.  (Not that we have many hot days in San Francisco but whatever.)

1. Chambray shirt
2. Satchel
3. Leather watch
4. Yellow shorts
5. Wedges

What about you?  Do you let your hems rise with the temperatures or do you stick to skirts and dresses instead?

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I'm definitely a skirts and dresses person. I think I only even own one pair of shorts, and I hardly ever wear them!

  2. I used to be scared of wearing shorts due to my silly skinny chicken-like pale legs...but i've learned to embrace them now! love the outfit you chose :)

  3. i love all of the above! i definitely let my hems rise. i seem to be forever hunting the perfect pair of short shorts! love your blog, i'm your newest follower! xx

  4. I am all about shorts this season - it's too damn hot not to be, particularly now that I don't have to freeze in the AC during the work day. Hope you get some warmth in SF soon

  5. I LOVE it. Yellow shorts + chambray = FANTASTIC combo! Have a great weekend!

  6. hahaha I was going to say... it has to be a very special day to be hot enough in SF to wear shorts. But anyway, I wear shorts quite often in the summer. Sometimes you don't want to be worried about showing too much with skirts/ dresses. My legs are not exactly toned either (and a lot whiter than my arms, since I wear pants most of the time), but I don't care!

  7. I feel the same way about shorts - I will only wear very specific pairs!

  8. I don't wear shorts because i hate my legs. I have "butt" knees and they make me so self conscious. I love sundresses and capris though!

  9. I have wanted one of those La Mer watches for the longest time!!!!

  10. love the satchel - so cute !!

  11. Ah love every piece here! This would make such a perfect outfit. Happy Monday!! xx

  12. Love these pieces. They are so casual yet so chic.


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