For Real?

Sometimes I see things and I just can't help but think,

Is this for real?  There's no way that's for real.  That's just ... that's not for real.  Nuh-uh.  No way.

And then I realize, yes, it's for real.  People are crazy, y'all.  I give you Exhibit A - Love Is Art.  I know what you're thinking,

But Stephanie, that's such a nice sentiment.  Why wouldn't you think that's for real?

Well, the idea of love being art is all fine and dandy until you try to make it literal.  Yes, that's right.  Literally, love is art.  And there's a major discount if you want to order the starter kit.  This little gem is direct from the website:

Love is kind; love is patient; love is slathering your partner in washable paint, doing the deed on a blank canvas, and framing the resulting masterpiece over your fireplace. Love is Art.

For real??

* * * * * *

And now, Exhibit B -  The Office Kid.  Ever wish you had a child just so you could make up a good excuse to leave the office early?  Yes, that's right, folks.  You can buy a fake child kit so you can lie to your coworkers/boss about having a child and then use that fake child as an excuse to leave work early.

Sorry, can't stay late today.  I'm taking little Susie to girl scouts!

While I secretly think this idea is kind of awesome, I can't imagine anyone with the cajones to pull this off.  You are lying about having a child!!  With photos of some random kid and fake drawings to hang around the office!  What the hell? 

I mean, really ... for real??



  1. Re Office Kid - then you can jet out early on Halloween! That used to always make me so jelly when people would leave early for that

  2. Bahahaha I only wish I had the balls to lie about having a kid to my last job lol These are hilarious!

  3. "do the deed on a blank canvas and hang it up on the fireplace" WTH ?!?!?!

    I still can't believe that one.

  4. omg the kid thing is HILARIOUS but also super creepy. The love is art thing is also interesting, but I think if I ever had that I wouldn't tell anyone or they might be too weirded out...

  5. Love is art = really kind of icky. Fake kid = really pretty genius. I hate when co workers get to leave because their kid is doing heaven knows what while I sit here like an idiot because apparently I have no where better to be. I'd never have the guts though.

  6. At this point in life, with everyone knowing that I plan on never ever having kids, I wonder if I could get away with an Office Kid?! Hmmm...options. :)

  7. haha i cannot believe that kid kit is real! i would NEVER do that! plus that means you wont ever be friends w your coworkers since youre lying! where did you even find out about that?

  8. OMG. Hilarious about the Office Kid. But see...then you realize when you have a kid that it's actually LESS work to stay at the office. Haha. Do they have an Office Kit, that stay at home moms can tell their kids...sorry kid, gotta go, can you make your own dinner tonight?? ;)

  9. HILARIOUS!!! Seriously laughing out loud. I can't decide which exhibit I love more...too funny :D XO brynn

  10. Umm is it weird that I kinda of want to do that? I mean M would never but a girl can dream how fun would that be.

    Love this


  11. The Office Kid is absolutely hilarious, though I would definitely not have the guts to attempt that. Plus, I've been at my job for five years... and I'm only 26. Not sure anyone would buy that I suddenly have an elementary-aged little one, haha!

    And the art... wow. Just: I don't know what to even say.

  12. OMG that Office Child thing is hilarious! I want one! :O

  13. Oh my gosh that is so weird. While the 'love is art' painting could get away with being slightly cool, the kid-in-a-box thing is just plain wrong.


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