Election Day

Hey, guess what.  I worked the poll yesterday.  (Notice I said poll not pole.  I'm not that kind of girl.)  When I was growing up, my great-grandmother was very involved with politics and elections.  She was nearly 13 years old when women were finally granted the right to vote and she took that right very seriously.  She married and raised her family through The Great Depression.  It was around this time she became involved in politics.  By the time I was a little girl, she was well into her 80s and needed a wheel chair to get around but that did not stop her.  I have fuzzy memories of being her "driver" on Election Day.  She wanted to work the polls but needed someone to help push her wheel chair and assist her throughout the day.  My mom couldn't take the day off so I was allowed to miss school and learn firsthand how elections work.

She also taught me about the electoral college and our system of voting at 10 years old while we watched then-Governor Clinton win the presidency.  My great-grandma passed away just one year later but I'm fully convinced that if it weren't for her, I would not be as interested in politics as I am today.  I always thought that if I could do it, I would work at least one election on my own.  So yesterday, I did!

Let me tell ya, it was quite the experience.  It was a much lower turnout than I expected, which was a bit disappointing.  The Presidential primaries don't mean much at this point but there were still quite a few items on the ballot for local elections.  I met some interesting people and have a few little stories that might make it into this week's Awkward & Awesome tomorrow.  For now, I'm off to catch up on all your lovely blogs that I missed yesterday.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. My family always votes via absentee ballot so that's why we weren't there to say hi :)

  2. your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman! Way to go above and beyond your civic duty :)

  3. Good for you for being involved. It is a great way to honor your great gram's memory. I'm sure the presidential election will bring in more foot traffic.

  4. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that when I went to vote yesterday, I didn't know quite what to do when I got behind the curtain. A very helpful older man helped me out!

    That's awesome that your great grandma was so involved, and that those experiences helped shape you!

  5. I LOVE that you did this...and I'm also a bit enraptured (is that a word?) but the beauty of this picture! So serene and the colors...

    I wish I could work the polls sometime.

  6. i bet you definitely have some good stories from that day - thanks for helping out our democracy!

  7. What a cool experience! I have never worked during an election, but I would like to. :)


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