DIY | Cake Banners & Swirled Batter

If you guys are Pinterest stalkers like I am, then I'm sure you've seen countless photos of those adorable cake banners.  I decided to make one for The Boyfriend's birthday cake and used materials I had on hand - construction paper, packaging twine, and bamboo skewers - but feel free to get creative with it.  Strips of fabric or felt with stenciled or stamped letters would look awesome.  You could also substitute pretty paper straws for the bamboo skewers to make it a little more playful.

1. Cut triangles in whatever size you prefer.
2. Using a thick tack or push pin, poke holes in two out of the three corners of each triangle.
3. Cut a strip of twine in whatever length you want.
4. Thread the twine through the triangles to string them up like a banner.  (My twine was much thicker than the holes so I poked two side by side then gently wiggled the push pin to tear the little piece in between and make one larger hole.)
5. Tie each end of the twine to a skewer then place in the center of your cake.  Et voil√†!

* * * * * *

And just in case you were curious - here's how I did the swirl for the cake.  This would be such a lovely effect using a bunch of different colors or multiple shades of the same color.

1. Separate the batter into however many colors you want to use.

2. Using a different measuring cup (or spoon) for each one, layer the different colors into your cake pans.

3. After you've poured in the batter, use a toothpick to gently swirl into a design.  Careful not to mix it too much, though.  You might end up with a muddy mess!


  1. Your swirl cake is pretty awesome - what a lucky man

  2. You added so many cute details to your boyfriend's birthday. I'm sure he appreciated them. Your cake was beautiful!!

  3. OOHH! I want to make one for me just because..and use sparkly glitter paper!! This is so cute!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  4. yesssssssss so glad you posted this!!! Trying this asap

  5. Lovely party!

    ♥ Franka

    (discovered your blog via Mme Poirot)

  6. This is too cute! Thank you for sharing the how-to!

  7. Wow! Love this idea! and your blog! cuteness.


  8. You are such an amazing girlfriend :) I love the little banner! And now I want a piece of that cake!!! XO brynn

  9. I'll just take the cake. K. Thanks.


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