Awkward & Awesome

- For some reason, I've been saying some totally random things lately.  For example, when I got in my sweltering hot car last Saturday (it was 100 degrees ... I have black leather seats...) the first thing that came outta my mouth was "holy shmackies!!!"  I have no idea what that means or where I got it from.

- Also, when I was cooking dinner the other night and realized it was almost ready, I said, "Sweet beans and rice, we're almost ready to eat!"  Keep in mind a) I was not actually making sweet beans and rice and b) I was alone.

- You know how I've told you that The Boyfriend likes to say random things when he sneezes?  I met a man yesterday who does the same things.  Well, I didn't actually meet him - I just passed him on the street.  But he sneezed as I was passing and, as he sneezed, he said, "Excuse me."  Imagine not "achoo" but "excuse me."  Then he thanked himself.

- It's officially summer!  I celebrated by eating lunch outside, making a yummy fruit smoothie, and napping on the couch with the windows open.  What a lovely time of year!

- Speaking of lunch, The Boyfriend took me the best food truck ever yesterday.*  It's called Senor Sisig.  If you're in SF and looking for a good lunch spot, it's totally worth looking up their truck schedule and stopping by.  It's a Filipino fusion food truck - imagine a cross between Filipino street food and a Mexican taqueria.  The Boyfriend's burrito had garlic-infused rice, pinto beans, cilantro cream sauce, spicy pork, and a whole bunch of other goodness while mine had guacamole, sour cream, French fries, and delicious spicy chicken.  Yes, I said French fries.  In a burrito.  I mean, come on people.

The Boyfriend's is on the right; mine is on the left.  And in my belly.

*I love that even though we live together and see each other every day, we still have lunch dates once in a while. :)


  1. First-I say crazy crap all the time like that. And 99% of the time I'm alone...thank goodness. Second- that man who apologized to himself after sneezing, I laughed out loud! I could just see it in my head. Third-that BURRITO! HOLY SHMACKIES! ;) Looks delish!

  2. Haha, this post made me laugh :) And, OMG that burrito!!! I'm dying! Mexican food does not exist in Germany. And, for someone who was born and raised in CA, I need good mex food at least once a week! It's been 3 months. The cravings are only getting worse.

  3. Damn that burrito looks good. I've been looking to try some Filipino food. Now I just have to get my butt over to SF to do it!

  4. That truck is amazing! Have you been to Hapa Ramen? My friend is the exec chef/owner and it is amazing! Kinda hot for ramen right now though...

    And I do awkward things all the time. Like when my doorman asks me how I am and I say 'thank you'. WHAT THE F!?

  5. This post seriously made me LOL.... more than once! I so needed that =) And that burrito looks crazy good!!! I wish I lived in SF!! Although it's prob good I don't, or I'd be stalking that food truck every day ;)

  6. I've never been to a food truck but based on your picture I'm pretty sure I'd like to. I kind of like talking to myself. As for holy shmackies, you're on your own.

  7. Lunch dates are the best! One of the things that is good about my husband working so close is that he can come home to have lunch with me every now and then.

    And... sometimes we wonder if we would ever move somewhere... But seriously! How can you beat the awesomeness of the Bay Area? People here are very unique. I love it.

    And I think I've actually heard about that food truck on the news!

  8. That looks delish! The only place Ive ever had french fried in a burrito is San Diego. They are super common/popular there and they are called "california burritos"

  9. that burrito looks amazing and yes, any cali burrito with fries is my best friend. until i eat my best friend. now that's awkward.

  10. I love your awkwards...totally laughed out loud. For. Real.
    And I want Filipino Mexican taco truck! YUM! Not so much fries in my burrito...although I'm assuming that's the Filipino portion of your burrito? :) Have an awesome day!

  11. Holy schmakies? For real? You said that? How cute are you!???? I wish I had a cute quirk. Haha! And yes, french fries in the burrito sounds amazing!!! YUM!!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  12. lunch dates with your boy are the best! an oh my good lordy...that food truck sounds amazing!!! i will be passing through sf at the end of july and will have to see if i can catch it! XO brynn

  13. I WILL try this foodtruck ooooooohhhh gimme triple loaded carb!

    And even though it was hella hot, today is SOOO Cold in Oakland! How weirddddd this weather!!

    The guy on the third awkward - I cannot imagine how hard I would laugh if I actually come across him in the streets of the SF.

  14. "then he thanked himself" lol

  15. I'm going to start thanking myself after I sneeze. :-) Too funny!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  16. French fries in a burrito!? Seriously!? That actually sounds kind of amazing. :O


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