Weekend Snippets

I've decided to call today Monday Funday.  It's most likely going to be the opposite of fun day but I'm trying to think positive here.

The weekend started off lovely enough.  We went out for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday on Friday.  And that's when we learned what sink riding meant.  Apparently, some customers decided to get a little naughty on the bathroom sink the previous weekend.  It didn't turn out too well for them, though.  They broke the sink completely off the wall!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and I spent the afternoon in the East Bay photographing the cutest little family.  When I got home, I treated myself to a bowl of flaming hot cheetos.  They're so pretty...

On Sunday, The Boyfriend and I went shopping at the outlets nearby.  Not two hours after he tells me he "just can't do pink," the guy is trying on pink polos in Lacoste because "Kanye wears them."  I have to say, the color looks pretty good on him.

If the weekend had ended there, all would be fine and dandy.  Oh, if only... When we got home, we noticed my tire was looking a little flat.  I went over to inspect and found that I somehow managed to run over a screw.  It hit my tire at juuuuuust the right angle to go straight through the tread.  These tires are less than two years old and barely have 10,000 miles on them.  I'm hoping they're still under some sort of warranty.  Otherwise, I'm screwed.



  1. Oh man, I hope your tires are under warranty. Such a bummer!

  2. man that sucks about the tire!

  3. I also kind of the feeling that this is going to be an unfunday Monday. Something in the air I guess. Sink riding=oh my!! I'm so naive over here in my prudish world. Sorry about the tire. I hope they're under warranty too.

  4. wow, sink riding? Those crazy kids today!!! haha. And Flaming Hot Cheetos are Sooooo addictive!

  5. Oh no! Hope your tires are still under warranty!

    And oh man, getting naughty on the sink? That's taking naughty to a whole other level if it got to the point of falling off the wall! Crazy!!!

    And the closest I got my husband to pink is wearing red. And still, he has only one shirt and wears just when I ask him to :(

  6. no! that tire pic is no bueno! but the rest of your weekend looks fab :)

  7. What a bummer about the tire! I'll cross my fingers they're under warranty!

  8. Outlets turn men into shopping mavens. My husband HATES shopping. I convince him to step into Banana Republic, and I walk out with 2 pairs of shorts, he leaves with 5 dress shirts, a blazer, 2 fedoras and about 7 v neck t shirts.

    None of which he has ever spoken of wearing before. Amazing.

    Just found your blog and will be following along :)

    Secondhand Magpie

  9. so sorry about your tire! that stinks. your sink riding story still makes me laugh...

  10. Sink riding???! Oh my gosh! NOT classy! lol And yes, those flamin hot cheetos are gorgeous!!!!!

    Janette the Jongleur

  11. Lol - I freaking didn't know what sink riding was either. Hilarious

  12. LOL, sink riding. That is really funny. It amazes me that you got the bf to wear pink. That is awesome!


  13. LOL at sink riding! That is so wrong, but also really funny! I think I would have taken a picture of that sign too! :O


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