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Wait, what?  Did she just say Maine??

Yes, yes I did.  When I was in middle school, my grown-up fantasy was to own a used bookstore in a sleepy little New England coastal town.  In my dream world, I'd spend my free time sailing on the Atlantic, eating lobster, and hiking the rocky coasts.  I'd bike to my bookstore every summer morning and take afternoon walks for ice cream with my best friend (who owned a coffee shop, naturally).  I realize this sounds like the plot of a Meg Ryan movie from the '90s but gimme a break - I was 12.

I was reminded of this childhood fantasy by a few things recently:

A) We saw Dark Shadows over the weekend, which was set in the fictional fishing town of Colinsport, Maine and
B) I've been hooked on Once Upon A Time lately - which is set in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine - and I just saw the season finale last night

So Maine has been on my mind.  And you know what?  I still think it'd be a great place to visit.  The wildlife, the seasons, the quaint fishing and boating towns along the coast.  Who wouldn't want to spend a few days at a cute little B&B?  I feel like it could be a cute, quirky vacation or honeymoon spot.  What do you think?




  1. I've only heard awesome things about the food there so yeah, it's on my list as well!

  2. Ok I actually sort of wanted the same thing but not that detailed...I had always seen it in movies and stuff, and it always looked like the most peaceful little lifestyle! And now I'm an engineering major and will probably be in school my whole life--boy how things change.

    A Southern Drawl

  3. this sounds like a great fantasy to me. i'd like to do that now!

  4. I say yes to Maine and I love your childhood fantasy. I loved this first season of once upon a time. My mom isn't a big fan of Emma's. She thinks Emma would be less crabby if her pants weren't so tight!

  5. My dream when I was that age was to own a bookstore that doubled up as a coffee shop/deli. I've still not really outgrown the dream, honestly.

  6. I literally have always wanted that life! Sounds perfect to me :)

    Now I want to visit even more than ever!

  7. It is supposed to be totally gorgeous! You should go! I have always wanted to...I have extended family there I could visit...hmmm. Now you have me thinking! XO brynn

  8. So cool!!!



  9. You know Maine is actually on my list...a bit on the back burner as far as US travel goes. As an east coaster, flights are more manageable than west coast. Those pictures are gorgeous and may have knocked Maine up a few notches on my list ;)

  10. Very nice blog, good luck and a nice day.

  11. oh YES- this post made me so so happy- because well, born and raised Mainer right here!

    Maine is a great place to vacation because it has it all and more. Definitely visit and I'll give you tons of recommendations!

  12. I've dreamed of going back to Maine for so long! It's such a beautiful state! I haven't been since i was a kid - and I remember getting really sick and having to get a shot in my butt - but I still love it and want to go back!

  13. We go to Maine every year and it's definitely something I dream about until we get there again. It's JUST like you imagine and so worth a visit. I had the same childhood dream. :)


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