Vintage Wedding Photos

I wanted to share something with you that I just recently posted on my photography blog.  This is my great-grandparent's wedding photo from 1932.  My great-grandma passed away when I was 11 but she was a major influence throughout my childhood.  Through her I discovered the importance of social involvement and community as well as personal style and beauty - she could rock a double-stranded pearl necklace better than anyone.

I would love to make a regular series featuring vintage wedding photos but I only have so many of my own.  So here's where you come in, lovely readers.  If you'd like to contribute and see your family's vintage wedding photos featured on the Stephanie Court Photography blog, please send the photo and a little description to stephanie@stephaniecourt.com  I'd love to feature you and your family's beautiful photos!


  1. How awesome!! Neither of my grandparents had traditional weddings so this is really neat to see. Isn't the fashion to die for?! Those headpieces are divine and the suits make the men look so dapper.

  2. great idea! This photo is beautiful.

  3. Love how you posted this photo, it has so much history as a part of it. I love looking at photos from my family!

  4. WHAT AN AMAZING PICTURE!! This is all so glamorous! And classy! I loove it! I'll try to find a wedding picture of my folks.. My mom's dress is to die for.. so plain and so 60s. Must dig it out of the files!

    Janette the Jongleur


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