Is there anything my boyfriend Justin Timberlake can't do?  In addition to stealing my pre-teen heart while on The Mickey Mouse Club, rocking the blonde highlights during his boy band days, following up with a successful solo career, acting, producing, blah blah blah - the guy is now working in the interior design world.  That's right, interior design.

Most of you have probably heard of this already but, if you've been living under a rock (like me), then you might not know that Justin (we're on a first name basis ... in my mind) has teamed up with designer/stylist Estee Stanley to create HomeMint.  From what I can tell on the site, Justin and Estee are designers/curators who choose various unique items from around the globe and offer them to consumers at a discount and in one centralized location.  I don't think he's actually designing any of the items but some of his photographs are listed in the Art section.

Basically, the way HomeMint works is like this - you create an account then take a short little quiz to determine your style profile.  Afterwards, you can see the pieces recommended to suit your style and each month you get new recommendations.  A lot of the items are a little out of my current decorating budget but I still pinned away for future reference!

1. Coco's Vintage Pillow - um, it's made from vintage Chanel Haute Couture fabric... that's fancy-pants.
2. Chalkboard & Ceramic Storage Jars - this was one of the top recommendations after my style profile and I have to say, I love them.
3. Antiqued Black Clay Jar - Wouldn't this look so lovely filled with pretty pink peonies?
4. Reseda Dove painting - I love the colors of this painting.
5. Monster Mush photograph - The technique in this photo is breathtaking.

Do any of the HomeMint items grab your attention?


  1. I have heard about this, but I haven't actually looked into it yet. Justin sure is rocking it all over the place. I'm in love. Who knew he would have so many talents. Who am I kidding, we all knew he'd be this good:)

  2. I had heard about this but I didn't know it was "mint" endeavor. I do like the photograph

  3. I don't get it, what is Justin's involvement? Does he actually help design the product? I like the items you posted, but none of them seem very "Justin Timberlake" to me, you know?

  4. i live under a rock too, apparently. boy's got talent. way to pick 'em!

  5. Oh JT, what are you going to do next?!! :-) Loving the chalkboard storage jars!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. yep. i am living under a rock...i had no idea! if these are truly his style influence, i am very impressed! that boy can do everything. XO brynn

  7. the picture of the bird is so cute!! love it!

  8. very cool! i like the ceramic jars, too. one question - why is everything shoemint and homemint and stylemint? lotta mints up in here.

  9. Ha ha, he is brilliant. I laughed at the first line of this post- you do know how to put a smile on my face :)

  10. Oh Justin, what aren't you good at?!?
    And I LOVE the canisters picked for you - amazing!

  11. i live under a rock apparently! he he :)

  12. wait WHAT?? I had no idea.. Way to steal my heart even more, Justin. I love love love those tea and coffee chalkboard jars!! Yeah, I'm definitely going to need to get those.

  13. I heard about it, but never looked into it. I don't really like JT... Sorry.

    But the painting and the jars are SO adorable! I'm gonna check their website now :)

  14. lol! Lucky you have JT as your boyfriend. Seems weird to me that he's behind this home decor, but it's cute stuff!

  15. Guess I've been living under a rock too. I had no idea he was such the creative soul. Love all of those pieces, but I think the chalkboard canisters might just take the cake!

    Oh and PS. I love your new blog makeover. It's so chic and so you!!


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