Chocolate Oatmeal

I was going to wait until next week to post this recipe but, as I was eating it again this morning (this time with strawberries!), I thought it'd be cruel not to share sooner.  Now you can try it out over the weekend and let me know what you think!  The basic recipe is just at 300 calories (I counted out the chocolate chips and did the math) but I'm also including a few other additional ways to change up the recipe.  The extras might push you over 300 but not by much.  Enjoy!


What You Need (for one serving):
- 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats
- 1 cup skim milk
- 1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
- 1/2 banana (optional, but so good!)
- 1/4 tsp. vanilla
- 15 semi-sweet chocolate chips

What You Do:
1. Place the oats, milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and vanilla in a small sauce pan and simmer over low heat until the oats are cooked (about 5 minutes), stirring occasionally.
2. Pour the cooked oats into a bowl and top with chocolate chips.
3. That's it!!!

Other Options:
1. Add cinnamon to the oats as they cook for a cinnamon/chocolate combo.
2. Add a spoonful of peanut butter to the oats as they cook for a melted Reece's peanut butter cup kind of oatmeal.
3. Top the oatmeal off with sliced strawberries or other fresh fruit.
4. Add some flax seed to the oats as they cook for a healthy, slightly nutty twist.

PS - If you're looking for something else new to try this weekend, you can find more of my recipes here.  Happy Saturday!


  1. thank you. so very, very much.

  2. Oh that looks different - I can't believe I haven't thought of it before

  3. I did a version of this with overnight oats! So yummy :)

  4. Holy moly! I wish I had oats cause I have all the other ingredients.. Boo...

    Janette the Jongleur

  5. Yum. That looks amazing. I totally want that for breakfast tomorrow now!

  6. Oh yum! I am definitely going to give this a try.


  7. YES! i love it! thanks for sending me the recipe stephanie!


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