Baby Boom

We have a lot of new babies coming into our lives this year.  The Boyfriend's cousin is due in a matter of days, his sister is having a little girl this summer, another cousin is having a little bundle of joy this fall, one of my best friends from college is having her first baby (girl!) some time soon ... not to mention the other friends of ours who either just had a baby or are expecting a baby later this year.  Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of shopping for baby stuff lately!

Most recently, I was looking for cute little baby girl outfits for a friend and I couldn't help but put together a few for my future daughter.  Yes, I styled outfits for a non-existent child.  What?  At least I didn't actually buy any of these items.  Yet...

A Day at the Park
1. Body suit
2. Floppy hat
3. Flower sandals
4. Drawstring shorts

A Day at the Beach
1. Eyelet dress
2. Crochet sandals
3. Floppy hat

Babies Who Brunch

1. Pleated dress
2. Hat
3. Embroidered ballet flats

*All of these items are from Zara and Gap and they're all under $35.  Way to be a budget-friendly baby!


  1. My little one has the big floppy hat, but we pinned the front up so it would help her see more. She totally loves wearing it.

    - Sarah

  2. Super cute picks! Target has some great baby clothes.
    Best, M.

  3. baby clothes from Zara are the cutest!!!

  4. AWWW! I want a baby! Looking at baby stuff makes me want to have lots and lots of babies.. like 12...or 2...haha! Cute outfits!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  5. You made me laugh when I read 'Babies who brunch'! Ahhhh baby clothes are just the cutest!

    Sal x

  6. All I have to say is that your future daughter is going to have some MAD style! :) Those are the cutest outfits - I love the pleated dress and those sweet little flower sandals!

  7. hah - babies who brunch!!! I love it!!!

  8. Awwwww, these are all so CUTE. Especially those little shoes. Oh baby shoes

  9. Oh my gosh. I may have to get all of these for Mila!

  10. everything is just so cute! why when it's tiny like that does it make it 10 times cuter!

  11. everything is just so cute! why when it's tiny like that does it make it 10 times cuter!

  12. Baby shoes. They just kill me. Baby hats do too. I secretly hope for a girl someday but I know a healthy baby is most important. Tis the season for babies. I know of a lot too. A few years ago were weddings galore. Now it is babies. Oh my!!


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