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- I slept until about 9:30 yesterday morning.  I guess one of the benefits of working from home is that you can sleep in as late as you want but that kind of sleeping in just throws off my whole day.  If I don't get out of bed by 8am, I feel like I'm playing catch-up for the rest of the day.  Not a fun feeling.

- I thought Molly broke her paw yesterday.  She was so excited to get out and play, she practically flew out of my hands as soon as I picked her up.  She landed with a pretty loud thud then just froze in place for a bit.  Guinea pigs are not jumpers so of course I panicked and assumed the worst but she eventually shook it off and went on her merry way.  I still scolded her, of course.  And I totally believe she understood every word of my "naughty piggy!!" rant.

- I have a doc appointment this afternoon.  Nothing major, just a regular check up.  But it's of the "lady bits" variety.  It doesn't get more awkward than that.

- We went to a burlesque show recently and saw Dita Von Teese perform.  And there was a 6'5 guy wearing clear stripper stilletos and a blue bunny body suit, complete with giant blue ears.  You know, standard sighting for a Tuesday night in San Francisco.

- I just realized yesterday that this weekend is a holiday weekend!  Woot woot!!  I'll probably still end up working on Monday but I have some fun ideas in mind for the rest of the weekend.  A hike in the Marin headlands, maybe doughnuts from Dynamo Donuts, maybe ice cream after the hike.  The world is my oyster, if only for three days.

- Speaking of Dynamo Donuts, that place was named one of America's Best DoughnutsDoughnut Plant in NYC is also on the list.  Which means after this weekend, I will have had doughnuts from 2 of the best doughnut shops in the country.  I consider this a major accomplishment, right next to passing the bar exam.  Also, wouldn't it be awesome to do a Doughnut Road Trip and visit all the places on that list?

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All this talk of doughnuts is making me hungry.


  1. Count me in on that road trip!! I love me some donuts :)

    Happy Thursday sweet friend!

  2. I definitely am a little envious that you work from home {that's my dream job} ! And props to a three day holiday weekend! I hope y'all have a great day!

  3. speaking of doughnuts - i just ate one and it tasted about as good as your pictures look. and as for good doughnut places, if you're ever in northern california, look up psycho doughnuts. its a unique twist and some of them are really interesting but fantastic :)

  4. OHH My gosh where can i find this clear high heel wearing man show?! I feel like I need that in my arsenal of " what the heck SF?" moments.

    Also, the headlands are my favorite place in the whole world. So beautiful! Hope you have a blasttt

  5. I hate to love sleeping in. It is great in the moment, then when you wake up you're like 'Crap, half my days gone'. Well that is me anyway.

    Guess my diet starts tomorrow. My lunch hour will be doughnut search time. :D

  6. it's nice to live down the street from doughnut plant :) and that description of the guy at the dita von teese show really gave me a giggle. ahhhh SF

  7. A "best doughnuts tour" sounds like a fantastic idea.

  8. Hmm, personally I think the super tall guy in the weird bunny costume should totally have been under your "awesome" section...but that's just me! :P


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