Awkward & Awesome

- This conversation with The Boyfriend ("TB") recently.  You should know that, when The Boyfriend sneezes, he likes to say random words instead of the normal "achoo."

TB:  *jihad*
Me:  Bless you
TB:  *jihad*
Me:  Bless you.  Can you please stop saying "jihad" when you sneeze?
TB:  (laughing) Why?
Me:  Because it feels weird blessing you when you're cursing me with a Muslim holy war every time you sneeze.

- We're both trying to be good about expenses these days and really stick to a budget.  But each of us sometimes strays, especially when we're at the grocery store.  The difference is, when The Boyfriend strays from the budget, he buys flowers for me.  When I stray from the budget, it's to buy Flaming Hot Cheetos... for me.  Who's the better person in this relationship?

- Last Friday night a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday.  One of my friend's left a bottle of wine in the cab on her way to the restaurant.  About two hours into our meal, and not long after lamenting how the wine was now lost forever, her cab driver strolls into the restaurant with the bottle of wine in hand!  Who does that???  The best cab driver in San Francisco, that's who.

- This happened yesterday:

I made a small purchase with a gift card I got for Christmas.  I'm thinking I might show it off next week...

Anything awkward or awesome in your life lately?


  1. I think cheetos and flowers for you are perfect ways to bend the budget. I'm looking forward to your awesome reveal!

  2. OMGoodness...funniest thing I've read today? "Because it feels weird blessing you when you're cursing me with a Muslim holy war every time you sneeze." Holy goodness... I needed that laugh this morning! THANK YOU! Have an awesome Thursday!

  3. Wow, that guy definitely wins the best cab driver award!

  4. I Hope you got that cabbie's card! I would use him every time!!! XO brynn

  5. It so funny, that conversation you had with your bf!

  6. what a great story about the cabbie!


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