Tax Day Freebies

So tomorrow, April 17th, is Tax Day.  A dreaded day for many Americans.  To make the bitter tax pill go down just a little easier, a number of places are offering some great little freebies.  Here are just a few I thought you might be interested in.


Marble Slab Creamery is offering a free scoop of fro-yo at participating locations between 4pm and 7pm tomorrow.

Don't let that fro-yo ruin your appetite, though.  PF Chang's is offering a 15% discount on all carry-out and dine-in order tomorrow (April 17th).  Not gonna lie, I kinda love their lettuce wraps...

If you're not feeling the Chinese food vibe, Chili's has a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert (with purchase of an entree).

I also heard a little rumor that Chevy's will be picking up the tax tab for all their guests on April 17th.  (Though, being from San Antonio, i.e. The Capitol of Tex Mex, I feel a little conflicted over encouraging you to go to Chevy's.  To me, it's the Tex-Mex equivalent of The Olive Garden for Italian food...)

Arby's is offering free value curly fries (with coupon) all day April 17th.

Just in time for second (or third) dessert, Cinnabon is offering free Classic Cinnabon Bites from 6pm to 8pm tomorrow evening.

And if you need a caffeine fix, like Seattle's Best on Facebook and receive a free sample of its Levels coffee as part of the Great American Coffee Refund.

If you happen to live near a HydroMassage, you can get a free massage any time this week (April 16th to 20th).  Just print up the coupon and hop on in for a little relaxation after filing taxes.

So basically you can eat for free (or almost free) all day tomorrow and wrap up the day with a nice massage.  Not a bad way to end tax season!

*This post is not meant to promote or associate Big Mario Life with any of these businesses.  The sole purpose is to let you know where/how to score some free goodies on an otherwise drab Tuesday!*



  1. LoL. I just saw this on msn too. LOVE the deals. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I may just have to make a trip to the mall. Can't pass up free cinnabon!

  3. Woo you rock! Free stuff is the best! =)

  4. Yes! I got that Arby's coupon and was super excited. haha Tax day this year is also my birthday. Lucky me. haha

  5. Mmmm ... Marble Slab. I had some this weekend, and it was divine.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Say what??? Why don't I ever hear about these sweet deals firsthand? Thanks soo much for sharing.. I think the only thing I would consider getting would be the massage.. Toootally need that lately..

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. So I was perusing your photo blog, cause I haven't visited in a while...and WOW GIRL! Your sessions are getting exponentially incredible! Totally enjoy your brand and style! Amazing is an understatement.. I'm inspired!

  7. This is so awesome - I literally live within walking distance of three of these places and will be getting fat and full on tax day. Thanks again for sharing!

  8. Free Cinnabon is just dangerous :-)

  9. This is a GREAT post, Stephanie! I had no idea there were free things because of tax day!


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