Hello, San Francisco | Strawberry Hill

I had an adventure all by myself yesterday.  I needed to scope out some shooting locations for a few upcoming sessions and I had a feeling Stow Lake/Strawberry Hill might be a nice spot but I'd never actually been there.  So ... off I went to Golden Gate Park.

First of all, let me just say, there is so much to do and see in the park!  Since I had a specific location in mind, I drove straight there and didn't explore as much as I'd like.  This is often the case with my life in San Francisco.  I go somewhere for a specific reason and never really get a chance to explore.  I'm thinking of choosing a new neighborhood every other week or so and just hang out there for an afternoon.  See what it has to offer, you know?

But I digress.  Back to Strawberry Hill.  The top of the hill has stunning views of the city and a small, man-made waterfall.  (Still gorgeous.)  After I scoped out the hill, I headed down fully intent on leaving the park and making my way back home.

And then I saw a sign for the beach.  The beach!  I quickly realized that I'd never actually been to the beach on the ocean side of the city so I decided to take a little detour.  As I was standing there, staring out at the Pacific, it dawned on me that I was literally standing on the edge of America.  Mind blown.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen these photos.  And if you don't follow me yet, maybe you should think about it.  I don't know ...  it's just a suggestion ...  no pressure or anything.  But, you know, it would be nice to see you there ...

PS - If you're in the mood to browse them interwebs, stop by Alisha & Brandon to check out my guest post explaining the meaning behind my blog name. :)


  1. Awesome photos! Why do my Instagram photos never turn out that well!? Booo. LOL! :P

  2. So I grew up in the Bay Area...never even put two and two together about living at the edge of America. But I did also have to use a calculator to see what 90/5 was yesterday....sad.

  3. The snaps of the beach are pretty amazing - hope you found some good locations for your shoots

  4. Holy crap! LOVE that beach shot and the windmill (or is that a lighthouse?). Seriously, beautiful shots, Stephanie!

    I'm right there with you - I need to find some new locations to shoot... I need to set aside a weekend just for me and do just that. I'll probabaly be blown away at what I find.

  5. so beautiful!!! I am in love :) next time I find myself in the area, I will definitely have to make a trip there! XO brynn

  6. I love that area! I have pretty sweet memories from there!

  7. I love the park! I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can finally visit the botanical garden!

  8. i just got back from SF two weeks ago, now i miss it! great pics

  9. so beautiful! there is so much to see in SF!

  10. I'm craving sand castle building now. Love your shots.

  11. How beautiful! My husband and I just moved from Missouri to Southern California and I've been dying to make a trip up to San Francisco. Such pretty pictures. I want to stand at the edge of America and have my mind blown, too! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  12. Until a month ago, I lived in CA my entire life- a much of it just outside of san fran. How have I never been to Golden Gate Park?? Your photos are lovely. When I move home it is one place I will definitely check out!


  13. I'm a new reader. For obvious reasons! I mean, we share the same name, I like adventuring to beautiful places all on my own, I like taking pictures...ha! :)


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