DIY Chalkboard

 I love chalkboards.  When I was in elementary school, I was fascinated with writing on the chalkboard.  Any time the teacher asked for a volunteer to write something, I always raised my hand.  When we had "free time" I just wanted to draw on the chalkboard.  And, yes, I was that weird nerdy kid that totally volunteered to clean the chalkboards after school.  I loved everything about chalkboards - the smell of the chalk, the white dust on my clothes, the fact that I could write on a "wall" and not get in trouble.

Since our kitchen table also serves as my office, we really need decorative items that can also serve double duty to help me stay organized in such a limited space.  What's more perfect for organizing lists than my childhood fave - a chalkboard!?  After searching long and hard for the perfect one - and finding quite a few that were ridiculously overpriced (I'm looking at you, Restoration Hardware...) - I finally just decided to make one.  I stopped by Michael's and bought a pre-cut wooden block, peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets, chalk, and white paint.  I had twine on hand so my total cost for supplies was about $10.

What You Need:
- Wooden block cut to whatever size you want for your board
- Peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets
- Paint (in whatever color you want)
- Twine for hanging*
- A drill and drill bit
- A long nail
- Chalk and chalkboard eraser

*If you don't want to hang it with twine, you can attach brackets to the back and hang it on a nail instead.

What You Do:
1. Since I wasn't sure if the peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets would adhere to a painted surface, I taped off the interior edges of the board first then painted the outside edges white.

2. Once the edges are dry, remove the tape.  Measure and mark the holes through which the twine will go.  Drill the two holes all the way through the board.  (As soon as I mentioned that I needed to drill something, The Boyfriend jumped at the chance to break out the tools and drill them for me.  Score one for cheap labor.)

3. Measure and trim your chalkboard sheets to fit the dimensions of your board.  Peel off the backing and press firmly onto the wood.

4. Using a long nail, find your drill holes under the chalkboard sheet and gently press the nail through.  This will give you a small opening through the chalkboard for you to thread the twine.

5. Thread the twine through the holes and secure the ends with a firm knot.  I also used another piece of twine to secure some chalk so it's always handy when I need to jot something down.

 And that's it!  An easy-peasy DIY chalkboard.  What are your fave tools for staying organized?


  1. I'm definitely a planner user. :)
    I could never cope with a blackboard like this because I cannot stand the feel of chalk on my hands! *shudder*

  2. Ooo this project turned out great, there is nothing better than chalkboard :)

  3. That looks great! I have a white board on the door - but our entire front door is magnetic so I should really be taking advantage of that

  4. I love this! I have chalkboard painted so many things in my house though - I kinda need to stay away from it for a while haha. :)

  5. i love the way chalk boards look. sadly, i can't stand chalk!

  6. I used to love writing on the chalkboard in school too! Total teacher's pet!

  7. Awesome DIY project! Wish I had time to do this, looks like it was fun to make. I'm a big chalk board lover myself!

  8. Wow I have read this whole post regarding chalkboards such as if you want to make chalkboards then use lots of things like pre-cut wooden block, peel-and-stick chalkboard sheets, chalk, and white paint etc.


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