Awkward & Awesome

Happy almost-Friday lovelies!  Sorry I've been absent this week.  I realized the busy season for wedding photography starts in one month and there's still a lot for me to do!  I couldn't leave you hanging without some awkwardness and awesomeness this week, though, so here we go!

- The guy in front of me at the grocery store went on a Pepperidge Farm bender yesterday.  Milanos, Chessmen, Pirouettes, Goldfish, Goldfish Pretzels ... you name it, this guy was buying it.  At first I thought maybe he was a crazy couponer who figured out some deal where you pay only .39 cents each when you buy 50 boxes or something like that.  But no.  Up came his tab (over $100) and out came the cash.  No coupons.  I wanna go to whatever party that guy was having.

- BML got a face lift this week.  And I did it all by myself!  I am by no means a graphic designer and I had to Google almost everything, but overall, I'm quite pleased with it.  Hope you are, too!

- Okay, this one is both awkward & awesome.  You know how when you have all-natural peanut butter, the oil can sometimes separate if you don't keep it in the fridge?  Well, this happened to the peanut butter in our cabinet.  I took the jar out yesterday and gave it a good hard twist to open it up and the peanut oil splashed out.  Just so happens that Molly was standing right beside me and a blob of peanut oil may or may not have landed on her head.  Awkward.

I got a wet washcloth and tried to rub it off.  Yeah, that didn't quite work.  Instead, it just made it look like she had spiked her fur with hair gel.  This, of course, resulted in a number of new nicknames including: Punk Piggy, Jersey Shore Pig, Guido Guinea, and my personal fave, Molly D.

The resemblance is striking, no?  So awesome.


  1. Hahaha, aww Molly. So cute. And the new blog design looks great!

  2. hahaha poor Molly!

    Your blog looks great, Stephanie!!

  3. Pretty new layout! Very clean and elegant. :)

  4. I'm telling you, that oil in the peanut butter gets me every time! I need to start learning my lesson and making less of a mess in the kitchen:)

  5. molly d is definitely awesome. as is the new blog design!

  6. A peanut butter hairdo sounds so delicious. And now you have me dreaming about milanos and wondering what awesomeness that guy was up to. New layout looks great!

  7. molly d. so hot right now. too funny!

  8. Funny post! Love the picture of your piggy! Too cute!


  9. Yup! I love the new layout! LOOKS FANTASTIC! Wish I had the patience to google html skills like this..but alas, I'm a lazy bones..BIG TIME!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS. Why didn't you ask they guy about the pepperidge farm stuff? I would've! Oh the curiosity!

  10. I love your blog makeover! It looks fantastic! And that is hilarious about that guy at the store. Oh what people go for!

  11. I really like your blog makeover too! I love it when Google tells me how to do things and I can actually get them to work! :D

    Too funny about Molly and the oily peanut butter!

  12. bahahahha Molly D. That is awesome.

  13. loving the facelift...you did a fantastic job!!! :) too funny about molly d...haahaa! XO brynn

  14. The 'face lift' looks great- well done you!


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