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I'm leavin' on a jet plane.  Don't know when I'll be back again...

Actually that's not true.  I know exactly when I'll be back.  Monday.  Which is why it's been a little quiet around here lately... lots to do before heading off to NYC!  Of course, I couldn't leave without giving you a little dose of awesomesauce to go with your morning coffee.  (Or tea.  Whatever.  I don't judge.)

- The Boyfriend squealed like a girl when he saw a commercial for Titanic 3D.  Guess I know what we'll be doing in a couple weeks!

- I made this pasta dish for dinner the other night and I've been craving sunflower seeds ever since.  Like, craaaaaaving.  As in, must eat them whenever I can.  "So why exactly are your weirdo cravings awesome, Stephanie?"  Well, Imaginary Person That Asked That Question, this is awesome because ever since I gave up meat for Lent, my body has seriously felt the decrease in iron.  I have low iron naturally but it didn't even cross my mind that I might need to take a supplement over the last 40 days.  Turns out, that wouldn't have been a bad idea.  I have pretty much zero energy, I get lightheaded really easily, I bruise like a ripe banana, and The Boyfriend said I've been looking pale.  All signs of iron deficiency.  My crazy sunflower seed cravings had me a little confused so I googled their nutritional content.  Turns out, sunflower seeds are a top source of iron!  Isn't that crazy?  My brain was able to detect a nutritional deficiency in my body and translate that deficiency into a conscious thought that I could then act upon to correct the situation.  My brain just blew my mind.

- The Boyfriend took over the kitchen on Sunday.  There wasn't a single square inch of available surface space on either the counters or the table.  When I walked in and saw this for the first time, he said, "Sorry.  I needed to be like Tabatha today."  As in, Tabatha Takes Over.  First he buys me Teresa Giudice's cookbook then he references Tabatha Takes Over.  That boy knows the way to my heart is through bad reality TV.

- I have a new office assistant.  Molly.  Lately, she really loves lounging under the table while I'm working so I gave her a little mat to lay on and some toys to keep her company.

I'd like to think her new love for lounging under the table comes from her wanting to be closer to mama  but I'm pretty sure it's not me she cares about having access to.  It's my food.



  1. I love that picture of Molly! Truly awesome :-) Great that you've given up meat for Lent, though I'm not sure I could ever replace a steak with seeds... ;-) Hope you'll feel full of energy again soon. xo

  2. oh mt goodness your boyfriend cracks me up. and how awesome are brains?! go brains!

  3. Such cute photos of Molly! :) Hope you have a great trip!

    xo Kayla

  4. Those pictures of Molly sure are darling. It must be nice to have some company while working!

  5. Our brains are amazing! I think most cravings (okay, except for sweet tooth ones) are our bodies way of telling us what we need!

  6. Vacation. It is a wonderful thing. I hope you have a wonderful time. Our bodies are amazing machines. Gotta treat them nicely!

  7. Wow I would have never known sunflower seeds are a good source of iron. And Molly looks sooo stinkin' cute in those photos!

  8. #1 - hooray for NYC!!!
    #2 - my fiance got totally excited about Titanic, too! {admittedly, so did i...too bad we can't all go on a double date!}
    #3 - that photo of molly "lounging" is ridiculously adorable...she has that pseudo-modest look that says "who, me??!! adorable? really, you think so??!!"

    have so much fun in the city... can't wait to hear all about it!
    XO brynn

  9. I love Molly! She's so precious I think I just OD'd on cute a little bit :)

  10. Those photos are so cute! Have fun in NYC! And seeing Titanic 3D :)

  11. Molly is, by far, my favorite online pet EVER! She is so adorable in these shots :) Hehe I think it's awesome your bf squealed like a girl for Leo and Kate! I did too. I think we'd get a long splendidly ;)


  12. cute.... can pose too....

  13. I'm always low iron too! Even WITH iron supplements...oddly enough I was just snacking on some sunflower seeds myself. I had no idea they were a great source of iron! Cool! Hope you had a fun and safe trip!

  14. Are u kidding me with that face? I have always had pet bunnies and Molly really reminds me of my babies. I'm inspired to do a post about my bunny now. And it's Easter -what a coinckidink.


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