Awkward & Awesome

- The Boyfriend said I had a weird brain.  I was explaining my daily thought process to him to justify my need to plan.  On the average day, my thoughts go something like this:

"Okay, first I'll take a 30-minute break for lunch, then I'll sit down and edit 15 photos, and after that I'll respond to 5 emails.  Then I get a 10-minute break."

That's how I organize my thoughts.  I set little mini task lists throughout the day and reward myself with breaks when I'm finished.  It's cray-cray, I know.  But I like knowing what comes next, you know?  I explain all this to The Boyfriend and he says:

"Whoa.  Your brain is weird, babe."
Thanks.  Love you too.

- We're going camping this weekend with a couple of friends.  I'm really looking forward to it but we have to hike four miles in the snow to get to our cabin.  And there's no internet or phone services.  I feel like I need to make this public knowledge just in case I don't come back.  I mean, yeah, we're staying in a cabin ... but there's bears out there, people.  And I bet I'm pretty tasty.

- We had this for dessert the other night.  Don't be jealous.

- Anthropologie replied to one of my tweets!

That's almost as awesome as the time Teresa Giudice replied to my tweets twice in one week.

- Did you catch that other "awesome" hidden in the tweet?  We just found out The Boyfriend's sister is having a baby girl this summer.  We're having our first little niece!!

- Um, you guys!  I've noticed a few more faces around here lately and I think you guys are pretty awesome!  I have a little surprise planned for when that number over to the right hits 300.  It's nothing super major, just a little token of my appreciation. :)


  1. i'm glad you said it was almost as awesome as a tweet from teresa because, let's be honest, nothing beats that.

  2. Congrats on the upcoming addition to the family. And I plan little mini lists like that too. So you're not crazy. Or we're both crazy together. Something like that

  3. If Anthro AND Teresa are tweeting you, I think you can safely say you've made it in this world :-)

  4. That dessert looks awesome! I have a similar way of organizing my thoughts as well - my husband laughs at my lists. There's a lot of them!

    Yay for little babies! We have a brand-new nephew! It's great... You get to play, do all the cute stuff and when they're cranky, you hand them back to their parents haha :)

    Have fun camping! Don't get eaten by a bear!

  5. I am MIGHTY jealous that you're going camping this weekend! We went to Point Reyes before our wedding and had to hike 6 miles to our campsite which was still outdoors and right by the ocean. It was cold but at least there was no snow, or bears. Have tons of fun and be safe!

  6. OH and congrats on the niece!!! Nieces are the best :)

  7. Your brain isn't weird at all - I think mine works pretty much the same way.

  8. Haha. The weird brain comment cracked me up!

  9. your too funny!
    Congrats on The addition to the family and on the tweets!! :)

  10. Oh my goodness - that dessert just set my belly on fire. It looks so yummy!

    Congrats on the followers! Cheers to many more :)

    sending you happy spells


  11. Wow, that's so awesome about the Anthro response. It's like talking to a celebrity!

    - Sarah

  12. if i worked from home, my brain would probably plan my day like that too. in some ways, it already does!

  13. i do the same thing when planning.

    i love turning on a show and challenging myself to clean the whole house before the show is over, but only while commercials are running.

    super lame. but it makes me clean really fast.

  14. Men can have such a delicate way of putting things. I need to segment my tasks as well or else I just feel overwhelmed.
    rolala loves

  15. Thank you for tweeting Anthro, otherwise I would not have known that they occasionally carry baby clothes. I'm sure my husband would not thank you for that :)

  16. congrats congrats :) and that dessert looks way too good.

    and i think everyones brain is weird...

    don't sweat it ;)

  17. 4 miles in the snow and being out in the middle of nowhere with bears and no communication...eeeps! ummm, have fun?! ;) i am sure it will be amazing...so long as you are in good company :) XO brynn

    p.s. thank you so much for the awesome comment today!!! totally made my day!

    XO brynn

  18. You know you've made it when Anthro responds to a tweet! Big time now!

  19. Hi!!! I just came here from My (Newly) We Life. I read your about me and can totally relate (im a lawyer too). then when i read this post i almost died. i do that too, but i write it out like:
    630am- get up
    630-745 walk dogs
    745-815 eat breakfast

    haha and i plan my whole day out like that if i am going to be super busy. you have to be like this to survive law school with a life! are you still in school or are you an attorney now?


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