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It's been almost two months since I moved in with The Boyfriend and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm pretty much unpacked and settled in.  Now for the fun stuff ... decorating!  Overall, the apartment is in pretty good shape but there are a few things we've been wanting to change for a while now and were just waiting until I moved in.  We're trying to do it on a budget and DIY wherever we can but there are some things you just have to bite the bullet and splurge on, right?

One thing at the top of our list is a new kitchen table.  Given that we're pretty limited on space, the kitchen table doubles as my desk during the day.  I love the "French country" feel of this table and the extra shelf and drawer space would hold quite a few of my necessary office supplies.  It's a little pricey but considering it would actually serve the purpose of two pieces of furniture, we're thinking it might be worth it.

We also both love the look of upholstered headboards.  But, as gorgeous and classy as they are, I'm not willing to spend that much for such a simple item.  After checking out this DIY tutorial on Centsational Girl, I feel pretty confident this is something I can make myself.  So ... we decided to save on the headboard on live it up DIY-style!

I also have a few other DIY projects in mind.  I've been gathering differently-shaped glass jars for a while now specifically so I can paint them and make a pretty vase collection.  The only hard part to this project?  Deciding what color to make them!

And finally ... our gallery wall.  We have a sizable chunk of blank wall space in our hallway and I thought that'd be the perfect location for a gallery wall.  I kinda like the idea of mixing photos, prints, and other items to keep it more eclectic.  We have a few items to get it started but I have a feeling that this is something we'll probably add to over the years.

What about you?  Any big decorating projects on the horizon?


  1. I love those glass jars, they are so pretty! Decorating is sooooo fun!!! We also started a gallery wall when we moved into our house but we haven't added to it lately at all! I would like to get on that!
    Have fun decorating!

  2. i'm the same - country kitchens and upholstered headboards have my heart. no big projects here, but getting a new picture to hang and a new shower curtain to go with my towels. not quite has exciting, haha.

  3. fun fun fun!! i agree, save and DIY where you can, but something, you just gotta splurge!!

  4. Love the table - a good investment & like you said will do double duty (at least for a while).

  5. I have been wanting to do that painted glass DIY as well, the finished vases look so pretty!

  6. Great picks!!! I love them all...I am especially drawn to the painted glass. Those colors are so pretty :) XO brynn
    p.s. oh my goodness! i knew that i would forget someone super important on my "bloggers i am inspired by" question...YOU!!! you inspire me with your new journey in entrepreneur-land!!! I will make sure to add your name in when ii get back home to that file!

  7. The bf and I are moving tomorrow and we have to decorate the entire place! We splurged on a dining table, bench and chairs. But we need so much more... dressers, bookshelves... why is furniture so expensive?

  8. i love the idea of the painted jars! i want to get an uphosltered headboard too. we're still working on adding a chalkboard to our kitchen! and i want to add some gallery frames to the hall. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  9. TGIF Stephanie! Think the table is terrific! Funny you should post the photo collages; I am working on a photo collage this week. I have the dining room table covered in old black and white pics of Rob's family and my family in different frames. I walk by the table and move them around every once in awhile before I commit to putting nails in the wall. Think I might include some smallish mirrors. Thanks for the ideas!!! CZ

  10. I just love blue in general and that headboard is so gorgeous! I work at PB so I stare at it quite frequently (c:

  11. That is so nice!!!

    I loved all your projects... can't wait to start my "grownup" life and my house decoration projects! But first I need to a find a bf lol

    Hope your doing great... we should get together again!



  12. oooh I was just thinking about making an upholstered headboard!! I just finished upholstered cornice boxes and my little gallery wall :) Good ideas!!


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