Awkward & Awesome Thursday

- When I left to run errands the other day, I noticed my oil was a little low in my car so I did what any independent woman would do - I whipped out the funnel and extra bottle of oil from my trunk and added some more.  Easy peasy, right?  Well, as I'm driving around, I start to smell exhaust fumes ... inside my car.  wth?  I was way overdue for a routine oil change anyway so I went to Midas (yay for coupons!).  I told them I just needed an oil change but explained the weird smell, too, just in case.  Not wanting to sound like an idiot, I also said, "I've added oil many times in the past with no problem at all.  I know how to to do the basic stuff."  Turns out I actually am an idiot.  As soon as they opened the hood of ol' Greta, they found the problem.  I forgot to put the oil cap back on!  So I was driving around with no cap, letting the oil slosh all over the engine, and when the engine would heat up, it burned off the oil.  Hence, the smell.  Now I have to get my engine steam cleaned or else the smell probably won't go away.  Which means my bonehead move is gonna cost me about 150 bucks.  Ouch.

- Last Saturday, we went to an engagement party.  The Boyfriend and I were goofing around, being silly, when his cousin snapped this photo and put it on Facebook with the caption "the engagement party"

I had a bit of wine and champagne and wasn't aware I was tagged in it.  That is, until I saw the 11 comments, 3 missed text messages, 13 emails, 2 voice messages, and 6 missed calls.  Apparently people thought we got engaged, despite the cheesy OMS* and the plastic water bottle in lieu of an actual ring...  Give us a little more credit people!!

- Just bought a plane ticket for a visit to NYC at the end of March!!  I'm SO super excited.  I'm absolutely in love with NYC and used to visit at least once a year.  Then law school happened and I haven't been back since March of 2008.  I got such a great deal using Southwest points, I just couldn't pass it up.  Can't wait to see my NYC friends and be inspired by the beautiful Big Apple!

- Leaving for Texas!!  I haven't seen my family since last April so I'm very excited to get home and spend a few days in the warm Texas sun.  The Boyfriend is also pumped - he's planning on buying a pair of "real" cowboy boots while we're there.  Don't ask me where he's gonna wear them in SF, though.  I'm sure he'll find the right occasion!

- Lightbox.  It's pretty awesome.  For all my fellow non-iPhoners who have serious Instagram envy, Lightbox is the closest thing I've found on droids.  I know, I know, I've heard they're creating Instagram for droid.  But so far no timeline has been announced so we have no idea when that's gonna happen.  In the mean time, Lightbox is the way to go.  It's a free app that offers a number of similar filters to Instagram, in addition to social networking features.  You can set your photos to post to Twitter and Facebook when you upload them to Lightbox and you can follow other Lightboxers such as Cali Vintage and The Sartorialist.  If you decide to join, come find me here!

A few from my Lightbox this week:
My latest snack obsession: greek yogurt with honey
A gentle touch speaks volumes.
Homemade chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine's Day
*OMS = Open Mouth Smile


  1. OMg the engagement thing is SOOO hilarious!

  2. Safe travels! Can't wait to see some pics from Texas.

  3. i've done that with my gas cap where the check engine light goes on if you don't have it on right. i'm pretty sure the auto people thought i was a total idiot.

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't even have a clue you could add oil to your car...I thought you had to get it professionally done:) And YAY for NYC!! Its one of my most favorite places

  5. That is too funny! I'm sorry about your car though. Tell your bf to get some Lucchese's - my boy loves his!

  6. Oh my gosh! As I was reading your post about the smell I thought.. Oh my! She forgot to put the lid on it! AHHH! So sorry friend about the 150 buck setback! That stinks! No pun intended :p And that engagement thing is funny... Don't believe everything you see on FB right??? Hahhaa!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  7. A friend did that to me once, the ole engagement on Facebook trick. Gotta LOVE facebook. And chocolate covered strawberries.

  8. that's hilarious that everyone thought you were engaged. have fun on your upcoming trips - i just bought a plane ticket for vacation today and it's the best feeling.

  9. The engagement story is too funny! + Hooray for NYC! Only the most wonderful place in the world. ;)

  10. I lost my gas cap one time, and had no idea. I had a strange light on in my car, and took it to the dealership. They thought I was a complete moron.

    I love the engagement story.


  11. OMG, my heart skipped out for a second and I was like :"OMG, she's engaged!!!!!!! Stephanie's engaged!!!!"

    And then.... no. Bummer.

  12. haha those awkwards are awesome in their awkwardness! and hooray for going to nyc!

  13. Oh my goodness...those are 2 VERY awkward situations! Especially the engagement bit...so funny :) Hooray! for NYC! XO brynn

  14. haha that engagement bit is AWKWARD and funny :)

  15. that engagement situation is so funny!! but when it does happen you better make it a big deal so we all know it isn't fake!! a huge smile and a huge ring will suffice. have a wonderful weekend lovely

  16. Oh my god that is too hilarious about the engagement mishap!! But yay for so many awesome things! :)

  17. The engagement thing is incredibly awkward. Probably the most fitting for that category I've seen.

    I've also been hunting for an appropriate instagram replacement for my Blackberry as well.

  18. mmm greek yogurt with honey...which brand do you buy? I buy fage!

  19. Your week sounds like a blast! And I love the oil story even though it cost you about 150 bucks. .-))

    p.s. good to know about lightbox. we have android too.
    and I used to love eating hot'n spicy instant ramen noodles. they definitely feel like they make me feel better. the only sad thing is that i can't get them here.

    hugs. Reese

  20. NYC is where my heart lies. I love that city. And you are so right. Oil and funnel in my trunk, check! :)

  21. Found you from the whim wham life.. also now following you on lightbox.. :)


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