Weekend Snippets

Monday Monday ....

Kinda reminds me of that song:

Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time

Actually, now that I'm working from home, Monday just kinda blends into every other day...

Did you all have a lovely weekend?  Mine flew by!  I met with new clients, ran errands, worked on the cookbook with my friend Ali (she makes the food, I take the pictures then eat the food - not a bad gig), and had a nice Saturday night sushi date with The Boyfriend.  I also ate way too many sweets for any one person.  Oh well.  C'est la vie, right?

And now, the droid photos!  I can't wait till Instagram is available on droids.  Supposedly it's happening this spring!

1. My fancy-pants breakfast - a homemade latte and Italian cookies (they're high in fiber!)

2. You know how it goes.  You start off digging for just "a few more" chunks of the cookie bits and before you know it you're half a pint in and there's no turning back.

3. The weather was so nice and warm this weekend, I was running errands in a t-shirt!  I basically just wore the scarf because it's January and it felt wrong not to.

4. Made a stop at the pet store to pick up a few things for Molly.  I always check out the little critters waiting for homes when I'm there.  This little dwarf hamster was just chillin' in the corner, licking his full little tummy.  I was thisclose to taking him home with me.

5. Sushi night with The Boyfriend.  The lighting was a little too dim to take photos of the food but, oh man, was it delish!!  If you're in SF, I highly recommend a meal at Rocketfish.  I have no idea why it got such mixed reviews on Yelp.  We love it!!

6. Hung out with this handsome man while working on the cookbook.  He was messing around chasing his tail and as soon as I said, "Oscar, let me take your picture!" he stopped and gave me his best How you doin' look.


  1. Oatmeal Cookie Crunch is my favoriteeeeeee. Followed closely by Americone Dream (which I devoured last night.)

  2. well isn't oscar just the cutest!

  3. Girl, you go on and eat those cookies for breakfast! Fiber is irrelevant.

  4. You're so lucky to be able to run around in a t-shirt! I'm freezing here... Looks like you had a great weekend and Oscar looks sweet. Have a lovely week xo

  5. I'm eagerly awaiting Instagram on the Droid as well!

  6. Aww! I'm in love with oscar! And it was warm here this weekend too. Crazy winter weather.

  7. haha, love the explanation for number 6. looks delightful - the whole weekend!

  8. working on the cookbook??

    wow. that.is.awesome. (:

  9. I know what you mean about Ben and Jerrys ;)

  10. Love this weekend recap! I love me some sushiiiiii!!! I will have to keep that spot in mind if I am in the area! And what a cute boy Oscar is :) XO brynn

  11. Oh my gosh! How cute is that little hamster!!?? I don't think they're legal to have as pets here in NZ, otherwise I would definitely have one, because they're adorable!

  12. omg your furry children are beyond adorable!

  13. Ben and Jerry's always gets me!!

  14. #2 is pretty much the story of my life:-) xoxo

  15. Looks like an awesome weekend of eating and loving. I love your sweet dog.


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