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I need to share something with you.  Last night, The Boyfriend was singing Bad Romance opera-style.  While standing on top of his desk.  When I asked why he was doing that he said, "I'm a free bitch babe."

And with that, I give you this week's Friday's Fancies.  The theme is "Best Foot Forward" (walk. walk fashion, baby ...).  But rather than designing an outfit around a single pair of shoes, I thought I'd show you a few I'm currently crushing on at the moment.  And guess what.  They're all from Anthropologie.  Quelle surprise!

1. Shadow Plena peep toes - The frills, the sparkle, the gorgeous neutral gray tone.  Be still my aching heart.
2. On-Your-Toes ballet flats - Yes, yes, I know.  The Tom's flats are just a few short months away, but aren't these just darling?
3. Unconventional Oxfords - You know I love me an oxford.  How can I resist that muted fuschia heel?
4. Tassel-tied Heel - I love the slightly-modern slightly-retro feel of these shoes.  And they're perfect for spring or fall.
5. Of course Anthro has the perfect styling for an orange, tassel-tied heel.


Happy Weekend!!!


  1. i love the flats. and what your boyfriend did sounds like something i would do. you go girl. you are a free bitch.

  2. I'm loving the ballet flats and tasseled heels. Oooo...I wish I could run over and purchase some!

  3. I think I NEED those turquoise toe flats! Yep...I do!

  4. The turquoise flats are adorable!

  5. Swooning. Number one= just lovely!!

  6. I love the Anthtropologie flats! They are now on my wish list :-)

    Happy weekend,
    Sal x

  7. i am in love those ballet flats! love the teal.

  8. love it!!! haahaa...does the boyfriend know that you are sharing that information ;) loving all of your shoe picks...especially the turquoise tipped camel flats {drooling, now!} have a fantastic weekend!!! XO brynn

  9. oh no, you've inspired me to go hunting for new shoes. this could get messy

  10. Hahahahaha, oh dear. My husband tries to sing the exact same song. I don't understand his thing with Gaga... but it sounds like it's a male thing. ;)


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