Awkward & Awesome Thursday

- Some guy just walked past my apartment singing "Who let the dogs out" at the top of his lungs.  Now that song is stuck in my head.  Oh, the cons of city life.

- Last night, after a very sweet and loving moment of telling me how much he looks forward to coming home and seeing me at night, The Boyfriend followed it up with, "You're like Hurley!"  As in, the 300-lb guy from Lost with the triangular 'fro.  It was too funny to even think about being offended.

- I made mushroom risotto for dinner last night.  And I'm having the leftovers for lunch today.  Nom-tastic!

- Met with a friend/client yesterday to do some planning for her engagement shoot this weekend.  Even though it's supposed to rain, we're both super stoked.  Now I can't stop pinning inspiration photos.

- Molly impressed me with her litter-training skills this week.  She finally figured out her way around the new apartment and learned what room we keep her cage in.  Now when she needs to go potty while out running around, she goes to the door of that room and starts squeaking for me to let her in!  She's a full-on genius.


  1. Steph,
    both akward and awesome... you are still so entertaining:)
    I just wanted to pop in and say hi! I've been on a long bloggy break and backpack to Australia and SE Asia... how have you been??

  2. "Who let the dogs out"...well, it's stuck in my head now too! haha. The mushroom risotto sounds delicious!

  3. AHHH! Now that song is stuck in my head too!! Awful awful song! lol. Oh and ps I'm jealous you've perfected risotto, I need to practice more!

  4. Molly is so smart! Better than some dogs

  5. That has to be the funniest compliment I've ever heard of - it was a compliment, right? ;-)

    I'm certain that Molly will soon re-write the relativity-theory :-D Love all the little updates about her.

    Have a lovely evening xo

  6. Wait whyyyyy does that guy remind your boyfriend of you exactly?? lol That was funny.. And I've never even watched that show! And people singing songs out loud are great aren't they??? Haha!

    Happy almost Friday!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  7. God, I love risotto! Oh and we need to plan things for the photoshoot too. I'm excited! :)

  8. you're like hurley! haha, nice touch.

  9. ha! I can just totally imagine someone singing who let the dogs out at the top of their lungs...there's no other way to sing it!

  10. oh, so that's why you had all of those fantastic rain shots pinned!!! that shoot will be an amazing opportunity for some of your very own awesome rain shots! have fun :) XO brynn


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