Fab Friday's Fancies | Holiday Party

It's Friday Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend

You know I've only heard that song once - ONCE - in my whole life and I still get it stuck in my head almost every week.  WTH, mate?

This week's Friday's Fancies theme is Holiday Party but seeing as how I just did a holiday party outfit last week, I decided to do a Cozy Weekend At Home outfit instead.  This little number is perfect for hanging out around the house.  And if you need to run out for a quick errand or wanna catch a movie, just slip on the festive flats and cozy snood before you head out the door!  Snood.  What a weird word.  Snood.  If Snookie had a brother, his name would be Snood.

1. Gradated Stripes Pullover - Alright, yes, I admit it.  I basically use Friday's Fancies to create my dream Anthro outfits.  But this one - I might actually buy!  The sweater is $88 and I have an Anthro gift card burning a whole in my wallet...
2. Stretch Denims - Dark gray, skinny jeans with stretch?  Yes, please!
3. Red Leather Wrap Bracelet - How cute is this little etsy find??
4. Eddie Ballet Flat - I just can't bring myself to spend this much on flats but I love that color on a dreary winter day.
5. Cashmere Snood - Haha.  Snood.

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. i'm loving the sweater - go for it!

  2. I am in the MOOD for a SNOOD. Are they comfy... or annoying?

  3. Ahh, Rebecca Black! Why is that song so catchy?? I love that "snood"...Happy Friday!

  4. is that what those long connected scarg things are called? a snood? I had no idea. Either way, cute stuff and you should get the sweater!

  5. Love your cozy outfit! And remember snood the game? like circa 2003? I wasted hours of my life playing it in college hah

  6. Cute outfit! I love the bracelet!

  7. I want Tory Burch flats so bad, but if I'm spending that much I'd probably get something boring like Black :D

  8. this is yummy coziness...makes me wish i was all curled up at home, with my boy & a good movie :) sure beats this office thing! xoxoxo brynn

  9. You have such fabulous choices! Love! xoxo



  10. I ALWAYS hate using the word snood! haha but the snooki's brother comment is awesome! Just found your site, new follower = )


  11. Seriously, I've only heard that song once too and I still get it stuck in my head more than is appropriate.

    I kinda like the word snood, but I don't know if I will now that you've associated it with Snooki, haha.

    I love those flats! My favorite color is actually orange, so now I am seriously craving a pair.

  12. Snood. That really is a funny word...but it definitely doesn't keep me from wanting it! I definitely need one of those guys!

  13. Love that pullover and scarf!! I love cozy and comfortable outfits and this is just that but also so chic!

  14. Such a cute and cozy outfit...love the cashmere snood!!

  15. Lol to the snood comment! =D

    That sweater is definitely something I would wear and I'm loving the little wrap bracelet!

    Good luck with your packing!! Oh and those muffins you made up there look really good!


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