Best of 2011

I've seen a few Best Of posts lately and even read a number of articles on the Best of 2011.  Best Celebrity Breakups, Best Baby Names, Best Animal Stories, Best Video Games ... you get the picture.  So I wanted to say goodbye to 2011 by doing a little Best of Big Mario Life. 

Best Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.  If nothing else, it was at least the most highly anticipated (by me) of 2011.

Best Book: The Hunger Games.  Without a doubt.

Best Vacation: Mexico!

Best Meal: Shrimp fajitas at Pipi's in Puerto Vallarta

Best Molly Moment: The elf hat.  Period.  But the Best Molly Photo (in my opinion) is of her cute little bum and chubba-dub legs.

Best Holiday: Christmas Eve/Christmas!  Lots of exciting news for my friends and family this year!

Best Recipe: It's a tie between tomato basil soup and caramel apple cider cookies.

Best Friday's Fancies: I think the Back to School look was my fave.  So comfy yet chic.

Best Favorite Food: Pomegranates.  I realized last night that I could probably eat one everyday for the rest of my life and die a happy lady.

Best Decision of 2011: It's a tie between starting my own photography business and quitting my job to move to San Francisco.  But the two kinda go together so it's okay.  :)

Thank you so much for reading along and being a part of Big Mario Life this year.  I hope you all have a fabulous New Year's and an even more wonderful 2012!  (Full disclosure: I'm actually moving this very day so I pre-scheduled this post.  Happy New Year!!)

So tell me, What are some of your 2011 Bests?


  1. Looks like a lovely year you had :) Those cookies look delicious!

    xo Shane

  2. happy new year! excited to see what SF and your new business bring you this year.

  3. I'd say that moving was a big deal for me. Other than that, I started my "dream job" and worked...all...year. literally. Nothing too exciting here.

  4. Oooo, great bests! Cheers to you for taking a chance and pursuing something you love (and are obviously great at). Happy 2012, Stephanie! :)

  5. I love your recap. I still want to try those apple cider cookies. And I love Mollie's little legs.


  6. The Hunger Games was my favorite book that I read this year as well. I'm so excited about the movie!

  7. I'm so glad I found your blog in 2011!

    Happy 2012!

  8. Glad I found your blog this year, best of luck on your new ventures!!

  9. LOVE the Hunger Games! I can't wait for the movies to come out!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Totally agree with you on you Best Book!! Harry Potter will always have a place in my heart, but 2011 was all about the Hunger Games for me as well!!


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