Awkward & Awesome Thursday

- Why do dentists always talk to you when they're working on your teeth?  Don't they realize you can't answer or participate in the conversation in any way?  I think pleasantries and small talk are totally fine at the beginning of the appointment but when your hands and tools are in my half-numb mouth as you fill a tiny cavity, that's not exactly the best time to ask about my holiday plans.

- I sold most of my furniture on Craigslist in preparation for the move so I'm currently sitting in the middle of my empty living room floor while I type this.  I still have internet and cable though.  I know my priorities.

- I bet you all saw that photo of Molly the Elf yesterday and thought, "Oh how cute, she just posed so nicely" right?  Wrong.  She did not pose nicely at all.  Molly was not thrilled about that elf hat.  She bit me, scratched me, growled at me, and attacked the hat.  But we got some awesome outtakes from it!  We decided to use this collage on our card.  It's not your typical Christmas card but we thought it was pretty funny.

- One of our clients sent me some baked goods yesterday for Christmas.  It was my first "from a client" gift!  And it was pretty tasty too.

- One more week till I'm officially a San Francisco resident.  I'm so excited!  It's the perfect way to ring in 2012, especially since my goal for 2011 was to move to SF by the end of the year.

- T minus 48 hours till Christmas Eve!!  Hope Santa's packing a full sleigh this year ;)

PS - Just wanted to share this Christmas DIY with you that I posted over on the photography blog.  I made this little filter last year and it worked so well!!  Click here for Christmas Heart Bokeh (you could make it with any shape but I chose to go with hearts).



  1. awww....love this.

    Wishing you and Molly a wonderful Christmas!


  2. i HATE it when dentists try to talk to you when your mouth is open.. so weird. and HOOORAY for craigslist! we (aka my fiance) sold A lot of our stuff when we moved...slowly but surely filling our place back up now! xo

  3. ps jealous youre moving to SF! thats no1 on my domestic travel wishlist!

  4. LOL LOL LOL. Awkward point #1 - is SO TRUE.

    P.S. Yay, congrats on your first client gift and moving too SF!

  5. Oh, Molly never fails to make me smile - that's so sweet and funny. I know what you mean about the dentist, especially when he speaks as if nothing had happened while I'm sitting there mouth wide open and sheer panic in my eyes...

    I have to admit to maybe being a tiny bit jealous - I've never even managed to visit SF, never mind stay for any length of time. It must be brilliant...

    Anyway, wishing you, Molly and the rest of your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a fantastic new year. Bisous xo

  6. That is so true about the dentist! It gets so awkward when you try to respond. That cracked me up!

    Check out my CC Skye giveaway if you're interested!

  7. San FRAN!??? WOOO! That place is gooorgeous! And so close to me! Actually..not really.. it's 8 hours away...but state sisters must count for something, right?

    Janette, the Jongleur

  8. Poor Molly. Doesn't she know that all girls suffer for vanity? The thought of that little face growling had me rolling off my chair. Good luck with he move!

  9. The dentist thing is totally awkward!!! So annoying, too! Love, love, love the Molly card...so cute (even if she was being a little brat!) xoxoxo brynn

  10. i don't get the dentist thing and enjoy the baked goods!!!

  11. The dentist is the devil's right-hand man/woman in my opinion. Last time I was at the dentist, she didn't ask me questions or really even talk to me, but she had a big conversation with the nurse. They kept talking about 'Fluffy' who I figured out was a pet, but I thought rabbit, dog, cat. Turns out Fluffy was a &£$*ing snake!! I have a full-on phobia of snakes (can't look at pictures of them, watch them on tv, have night terrors where I wake up screaming. For reals. Full phobia) and there I am at the bloody dentist who was ramming those sharp pointy metal things into my teeth and she's talking about their pet snake. Worst day of my life.

    Molly is hilarious! So much attitude in such a small package.

    I can't wait to hear about your San Francisco adventures!

  12. I think Internet is ALWAYS the first thing we make sure to set up when we move, and ALWAYS the last thing to turn off when we go haha.

  13. Happy holidays, Stephanie! I am so happy for you to be moving closer. We need to get back together in early 2012.

    P.S. Your Christmas card is the best! I need to make it to your list:)

  14. Too funny - I've never understood how dentists expect you to respond!
    xx Lexi
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  15. oh dentists..... its so true- dont they have enough experience to know better?!


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