Awkward & Awesome Thursday

- Toddlers & Tiaras is back.  Did any of you happen to watch it last night?  One of the mom's stated very bluntly, "I take my kids to drag shows."  Apparently they get inspiration from drag queens.  She later followed this up with "I've had my daughter perform 'Poker Face' on the bar at Applebee's."  And the Mom of the Year Award goes to ...

- After spending most of the '80s and '90s envious of Stephanie Tanner (from Full House) because she got to live in San Francisco, I am finally living out my childhood dream of living in the City by the Bay.  I'm moving to SF at the end of the month!
- And not only am I finally moving to SF, we're also finally ending this whole "long distance" business.  The Boyfriend and I are moving in together!  Yep, Molly will no longer be a two-household child.
- A few weeks ago I mentioned a photo shoot I was doing with the cutest little girl ever.  At the time, I only had a couple photos ready to show you but now you can check out the rest of them here.  I had almost as much fun editing them as I did shooting them!

Stephanie Tanner, a.k.a. the reason I was called Step-on-Me in elementary school.

PS - I'm guest posting over at Popcorn, Pugs, and Peonies today!  Stop by and say hello!


  1. You're moving! How exciting! Yay for you, The Boyfriend and Molly!

    That little girl is the cutest. The belly button shot is hilarious.

  2. congrats on the long distance ending! i'm in a long distance relationship and i understand how happy you must be. so, so awesome. and to move to san fran too. that's a great note to end the week on.

  3. Congrats on the move!!!! I was also called step-on-me in elementary school. :)

  4. congrats!!! :) sf is one of my all-time favorite cities. i am a wee bit jealous! xo

  5. excited for your move! love sf!

  6. That's awesome! Congratulations

  7. Congrats on the big move! That is huge - and SO exciting!! So happy for you!

  8. How exciting! Now you'll be closer!!!

  9. So exciting that you're moving to SF. One day I'd love to make the move!

  10. lol! SF is amazing, lucky you! And I can't even watch Toddlers and Tiaras any longer it's just too...weird.

  11. Yikes!!! That mom sounds absolutely {truly beyond words} ridiculous!!!
    Any YAY for the move in with the BF to SF...that is so exciting!!! Congrats :) You have big changes going on, lady, and I like it :) So inspiring!!!
    xoxoxo brynn

  12. yipppee!! that is exciting moving to SF, hope you find a super cute place! oh man the moms take their children to drag queens seriously, all to win a crown, geesh i have some words to say about that

  13. Good luck on the move! :) So excited to see your SF-related posts and pictures. I'm sure they'll be fab! :)


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