Weekend Snippets {vol. 17}

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!  Did you all have a great weekend?  Even though ours was 3 days, I felt like I needed another day off to recover!  On Friday, I had a photo shoot with a friend of mine for her cookbook.  I'm so proud of her for writing the cookbook and so impressed with the yummy recipes she comes up with.  I only hope I can capture the yumminess with each of my shots!

pumpkin maple scones

prosciutto-wrapped figs with goat cheese

Saturday was a bit more peaceful minus the crazy traffic getting to San Francisco.  The Boyfriend and I had date night at our fave sushi place then snuggled up on the couch to watch a few dvds.  Sunday morning was more photo shooting, which I loved!  I could really get used to this whole "I'm a photographer" thing. :)



  1. Um, I think you captured the deliciousness just fine. Looks great!

  2. How cool is that cookbook shoot!

  3. You definitely captured the yumminess! And the adorableness on the Sunday shoot ;) Yay for your photography business!!! xoxoxo brynn

  4. Is that fig with prosciutto and cheese? I can't tell, but it look amazing!!!

    - Sarah

  5. You'll definitely have to share more about this cookbook as image 1has got me HUNGRY. PS. Thinking you were born for this photography stuff!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! The pictures of the food look yummy!

  7. Looking at those images made me hungry... And I just ate about 2 hours ago...So I'm going to say that you captured the yumminess perfectly!!!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  8. Lovely shots... and now I'm hungry!!!

  9. Amazing pictures, Stephanie! I hope to one day take pictures half as good as yours.


  10. those scones?! um, need them in my mouth ASAP. they look life changing!


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