Metamorphosis Update and Other Goodness

This is kind of a rando-post but there's so much I want to tell you!

First, I finally made it to level 3 of my Metamorphosis dvds.  I didn't work out for about a week and a half after finishing level 2.  According to Tracy Anderson, if you miss more than three days, you're supposed to start over.  Eff that dude.  I just started in right at level 3.  It was hard, and my body is super sore, but I was still able to keep up and finish the exercises.  The workouts definitely get harder as the levels progress and I'm still not doing that stupid eating plan.  But ... I've lost 3 pounds!!  I know it doesn't sound like much but considering I only wanted to lose about 5-7 lbs and I'm only on level 3 out of 9, I'd say that's pretty good progress.

Some day, I'll look like this in my dreams in real life.

Molly had a little photo shoot last night.  In keeping with my theme of treating her like a real child, I like to take photos of her around the beginning of every month to see how much she's grown.  When we got her last February 5th, we were told she was 2 months old - which is the minimum age for separating guineas from their mamas and letting them live on their own.  Since she was so tiny, we figured she must have just turned 2 months so we decided her birthday is December 5.  These are her "11 months' old" shots:

While I was snapping away, she was tossing that little ball in the air then catching it in her mouth!

And one last super duper important thing.  There's someone you should meet if you haven't already.  Mrs. Alana of Mrs. Alana's Miscellany.  She's an adorably sweet, self-proclaimed nerd whose fabulous blog button will be featured over there in the right-hand column for the whole month of November.  Stop by and say hello!



  1. Alright, you may have to give a terribly complete report on those DVDs. Start by admitting that your super human. All of her workouts break me.

  2. I was doing her mat workout DVD and could see results within just 2 weeks - I also had changed my eating habits (way less eating out). There was definite weight loss and I was feeling toned...a reminder that I need to get back on track, as I have been off since returning from vacation. Yikes!
    Molly is truly the most photogenic guinea pig I have ever seen :) xoxoxo brynn

  3. Now you're making me feel bad about my non-existing exercise routine ;-) Molly is so sweet and clearly likes the attention of being photographed - posing nicely for the camera! Have a great day xo

  4. Awww I love your Guinea Pig. I had one when I was little and we named her Squeaky. Original, I know.

  5. Awww cute pictures of Ms. Molly!! Congrats on the 3 lbs :)

  6. i love Molly. Keep those pics coming =)


  7. that's awesome you've kept up with the workouts! one of these days i'm going to have to get motivated, buy them and start. and molly is so cute!

  8. 3 lbs loss is amazing! And that picture of that muscly girl is pretty inspiring.. I wish I only had 7 lbs to lose..

    Janette, the Jongleur

  9. Eff that dude.

    I love that I can randomly pop in here and just start laughing! :)

    Congrats on the 3 lb weight loss! It feels good to see that on the scale, huh? It just reinforces that working out and controlling our eating habits can actually work if we just give it time!

    I think that is so sweet that you take monthly progressive shots of Molly. I don't know anyone who has ever treated their guinea with as much parental adoration as you...and I love that about you! She is a cutie! We "assigned" our kitty's birthday, too. The Humane Society said she was born in August; we adopted her on 12/22/02 and she was so tiny, so we just said her birthday had to be 8/31/02. And we totally celebrate it with her! :)

    Off to check out your newest mushroom...

    P.S. TOTALLY jealous of your blogger meet up. Where were all you lovely peeps when I still lived in SF?! ;)


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