Boots and Jongleur'ing


It's Friday Friday Friday!!!!  It's finally starting to feel like fall here and we're having a jeans day at work today.  You know what that means ... BOOTS!!!  Yep.  After weeks and weeks of 80-degree days, we're finally having boot weather.  And I love it!

I'm in jongleurville today with Janette the Jongleur and her absolutely fabulous Photo Femme series.  Stop by and check it out!

No Friday's Fancies post today but if you want your fashion fix, click here to check out {av}'s lovely ensemble.


  1. I'm loving the boots weather too!! I'm wearing them as I type :)

  2. I so know what you mean! I wore my boots once and it was like 80 degrees and I was dying. I'm so glad I can wear mine now. It's even raining here! Woohoo

    - Sarah

  3. Finally! It was a bit brisk today. So bought tights with sequins. I don't know how that logic works AT ALL

  4. Coming over from Janette's place! I was in awe of your beautiful photos! So glad to find your blog!

  5. I love boots weather too, for now:) Off to go check out your guest post:)

  6. Ooh, boots weather is one of my favorite parts of fall!

  7. This boots just perfect for casual wear! i want it now!)



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