Weekend Snippets {vol. 14}

Happy Monday everyone!  This weekend flew by far too quickly.  Can we just make Monday an official weekend day already?  I know everyone would be happy with this so what's the hold up?

I had to go into work at 9am on Saturday so I pretty much only had one day off.  But we made the most of it!  When I got to SF Saturday night, The Boyfriend had a beautiful pink and yellow bouquet of flowers waiting for me.  I went through a phase in college where I thought flowers were so overrated b/c they just die after a few days.  That was a very short-lived phase!  I love me some fresh flowers and nothing makes me smile faster than getting a thoughtful bouquet from The Boyfriend.
We then went out to a lovely dinner with my Law Ladies (aka my awesome female law school friends).  Seven of them ran the Nike Women's Marathon/Half Marathon yesterday so we had a nice "carb up" dinner in North Beach the night before the race.  Big plates of lobster ravioli, spaghetti with clams, mushroom tortellini ... nom nom nom ....  I was so caught up in our hilarious conversation that I didn't even think to take pictures of the food!

I spent most of Sunday morning with the windows open, birds singing outside, and a homemade latte in hand while editing photos.  It was nothing short of glorious.  We then headed out for a big celebration - The Boyfriend's great-uncle turned 90!!!  We were in charge of the balloons so got to I walk around SF like this:

This is only a small sampling of the massive bunch of balloons I was carrying.  PS - aren't those recycling bins lovely? :)
Despite having to work, it turned out to be a pretty lovely weekend.  Still, I'm looking forward to the next time I get two full days off (or three ... even better!).

How about you?  Did you all have a lovely weekend, too?

Oh, PS - Super big congrats to my beautiful friend Vic who accomplished her life goal of completing a marathon yesterday!!  You totally earned that Tiffany necklace, girl.


  1. You look gorg walking down the SF streets holding colorful balloons!! Work it, girl! :) Happy birthday to his great uncle!

    I want to run a half marathon! I just need to get back in shape. I'd hate to finish last hehe.

    Sounds like a great weekend!!

  2. the flowers are beautiful. the food sounds amazing. and how fun with the birthday party!

  3. Awwww that balloon shot is so cool. Any reason to hold balloons for a pic is a good reason. Especially for a 90th birthday party!!! Wow.

    - Sarah

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend - my sister works for Nike running and she said that marathon was super popular and was filled out really quickly. I love carb loading with people who are doing sporty things and then going home to take a nap afterward

  5. BAHAHAHAHA! Those recycling bins ARE lovely! But you're lovelier! Loving your flowy hair and the side bangs! And whoa! 90 years old?? What a blessing!!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  6. 90?! Holy moly! I love that pic of you with the balloons. Sounds like a great weekend, hoorah!

  7. Now that I know Tiffany necklaces are the prize for finishing marathons, I may have to rethink my position on running.

  8. i love that picture with the balloons!! you walked all over SF with those?! LOVE it! SO adorable. homemade latter??! MMMM!!

  9. I love your hair! perfect waves :) xoxo

  10. I love San Francisco - looks like you had a great time! X

  11. HA HA - I had an anti-flower phase too... and it was short-lived as well! ;) Glad you had a fun weekend! XOXO

  12. Great photo of you! Wouldn't it be fantastic to walk around with balloons all the time? Just for fun.

    Can you imagine the things your BF's grandfather has seen over the last 90 years? Amazing.

  13. Heheh I love the photo of you walking down the street with all the balloons! :)


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