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Totally Rad just recently released their newest fun photog toy - Rad Lab.  Rad Lab allows you to retouch images much faster than running actions or doing random "stuff" in Photoshop (which I totally do when I'm stumped).  And now you can get a free 30-day trial to test it out for yourself.  I used it on the photo below (plus a whole bunch of others) to warm up the colors and make 'em pop just a little bit.  It was super easy and took just a couple minutes.  Basically, you scroll through the Stylets till you find the one you want and just click!  It's really that simple.  If you wanna get a little creative, you can combine multiple Stylets to create a specific recipe and apply it to multiple shots.  I created a recipe after editing the photo below then applied it to a number of the other outdoor shots for a consistent editing style.  

My only complaint is that, so far, a lot of the Stylets look awfully similar.  And for some reason, Boutwell Magic Glasses II doesn't seem to change anything in my photos.  That being said, I had to think hard about what the cons were with this product.  Generally speaking, Rad Lab is totally rad!



For this particular image, I used Oh Snap at 70% and Warm It Up, Kris at 60%.  I then ran My Four Hens Glimmer action and adjusted the various layers before flattening.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with final product.  If you have PhotoShop and want a quick and easy way to make your photos pop, I highly recommend downloading the Rad Lab trial and test driving it for yourself.


  1. The names always crack me up. I'm just now trying actions but I never feel like my photography looks great and I'm lazy...not a good combo!

  2. Hmmm...I may just try this! I am definitely NOT a photoshop expert and I love the idea of the ease of this! Such a great difference in the finished photo! xoxoxo brynn


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