Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-- For some reason, I can't always comment on blogs from my work comp.  I've been found out.
-- Molly doesn't workout with me anymore.  Instead, she sits under the futon and just watches me.  It's a little weird but also just a little bit cute.
-- I told my boss a cheesy joke today.  He did not appreciate it.  This is basically how it went down:

Me: Hey!  You wanna hear a joke?
Boss: Sure.
Me: What do you call a cow with no legs?  
Boss: What?
Me: Ground beef!
Boss: You should work on your level of sophistication.

-- A little girl at the grocery store almost crashed into me with her cart.  Right as I was about to give her the evil eye, she says, "Ooh, your hair is so pretty!!"  Girl knows her audience.
-- Chocolate chip cookies always make the day better.
-- All the new lovely faces popping up around here!  A few more followers have joined Big Mario Life recently so I just wanted to say, Welcome!!!  Can't wait to get to know you a little better. :)

Cookies!!!!  Nom nom nom...



  1. haha, that girl knows what she's going. also, my work comp has started to do the same thing! frustrating...

  2. My work computer doesn't allow me to comment on some blogs either. Frustrating!!

  3. Funny joke. :-) My level of sophistication may need some work.

  4. love the joke and the response you got.

  5. some people don't understand the beauty of a joke!

    mm those cookies look really good. hungry now..

  6. HAhahaha I LOVE that joke!! Your boss needs to appreciate good humor. :P And chocolate chip cookies fix EVERYthing!


  7. haha these are awesome! i love your boss' response, that is the best. and i would have laughed at the joke.

    those cookies look yummy!


  8. haha I'll have to add that joke to my repertoire! Right now the only one I know is "What kind of bees make milk?"


  9. the only way i have time to comment on blogs is if i do it at work...on this ipad 1 i found...that crashes after every 3rd blog i visit.

  10. HA HA HA HA HA HA! I LOVE YOUR JOKE (and your bosses response!)!!!!

    And those cookies look DELISH!

    Happy Thursday! XOXO

  11. I think it is ALL awesome!!! Mainly because it all makes me either smile or laugh :D On the comment/work thing... I was having this problem at one time, but realized it was the browser...for some reason I can not leave comments on firefox on my work computer, but I can on safari... Hopefully that might help! As for everything else...I totally laughed...where did his sense of humor go? And I love the bit about the little girl...that little SMART girl ;) xoxoxo brynn

  12. Stephanie!! I LOL so hard at that joke.

  13. I can't comment on blogs from my work computer either. We use an ancient version of IE. In fact, I can't even look at the Target website from work anymore. Not that I ever did. Cause I was busy working.

    P.S. I love the joke, and will be repeating it to poor, unsuspecting co-workers.



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