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We're finally back from vacation and still sorting through photos but I just wanted to pop in today and offer a note of remembrance in honor of 9/11.

I can still recall the day so vividly.  Everything in Chicago shut down that Tuesday.  Classes were canceled, shops were closed, and the streets were deserted.  It's an eery feeling walking down the streets of such a major city and seeing no one on the sidewalks and very few cars on the road.  While none of my friends or family were living in NYC or Washington in 2001, I still felt the effects of such a tragic event.  I was working in downtown Chicago at the time and people constantly feared the threat of an attack on the Sears Tower.  The restaurant I worked at was basically empty for the week following the attacks and I was sent home from work quite a few times simply because people thought it might not be safe to be downtown.  The attack changed our country forever.  To all those who lost loved ones that Tuesday morning, my sincerest condolences to you and your families.  And to all those who have served our country - from the first responders at Ground Zero to those still serving overseas - my sincerest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation goes out to you.  We will never forget your sacrifices.



  1. A lovely tribute post.. It was truly a tragic day.. I remember that everything felt soooo different that day... There were jets flying overhead constantly patrolling our area, and yet that's not really what felt different, you know.. It was like a feeling of sadness and mourning blanketed everything and permeated everyone to the core... It was intense.. And I will never forget...

    Janette the Jongleur

  2. I remember 9/11 as my 14th birthday. Even though I'm in New Zealand, and I little bit more removed than I would be if I'd been in the US, it's still shocking. 10 years later, at 24, I still don't think I really understand it.


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