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Even though my boss is on vacation, things at work are still crazy-busy!!  (I've been getting work/project-related emails from him since 6am!)  Oh well.  When it rains, it pours, right?  The DIY post is coming soon... so so soon.  In the mean time, a little motto I'm trying to keep in mind this lovely Tuesday.  I'm thinking about putting this up in my office as a reminder to tone down the stress and turn up the awesome in all that I do.

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  1. This is the perfect thought for today! Good luck on all your projects, girl!

    P.S. I'm going to try out that nail polish stuff today...is it sad that I'm excited??? (c:

  2. love this quote!

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  3. Great quote! I had to keep repeating something similar to myself yesterday at work. It was non-stop from 8am-5pm and then I had to work on one of our rental properties after work until about 11! On crazy days it's all about perspective :)

  4. What a totally inspiring quote! I love it!

    Thanks for your comment Steph. They make my day.

    I hope you get a chance to relax after all that work!

  5. I hope you're doing just that! xo-C

  6. I think if I read this quote every morning, just before getting out of bed, I would avoid the situation of it being 11.10am and sitting on the couch like a vegetable, instead of doing something ridiculously amazing. Nothing ridiculously amazing is going to happen while I'm wearing tracksuit pants and slippers, I don't think. Hope it's working out for you!

    And I really hope your boss lays off the email sending!

  7. I need to print this out and frame it! LOVE :) We should ALL make everyday pretty darn amazing and it would make the world a much happier and inspiring place.

  8. now those are some pearls!!! definitely one to hang at the desk :) i am right there with you on the crazy/busy work schedule...it feels like it may never end! i going going to take this approach, too... love it! xoxoxo brynn

  9. great blog, dear :)
    check out mine sometimes, we can follow each other too :)

    sweet and sugars,

  10. I love that poster! It would be inspirational everyday to see in the bathroom while getting ready! :D

    I totally understand about crazy work! When it rains it totally does pour!



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