Homemade(ish) Birthday Cake

I made my first attempt at decorating a birthday cake this weekend.  If you've never done it before, trust me when I say those little squigglies and dots can be so hard!!  A basic, two-layer cake took me two hours to put together, not including baking time.  I cheated a little bit and used boxed cake mix, but the icing and strawberry filling were homemade.  If you're curious, I used Smitten Kitchen's Swiss buttercream recipe for the frosting, with a small portion set aside for the blue dye.  For the strawberry filling, I combined 2 and 1/2 cups chopped strawberries, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 water, and 2 and 1/2 tbsp. corn starch in a medium saucepan and brought all ingredients to a boil.  Once the mixture was bubbling up with yumminess, I turned off the heat, transferred the filling to a bowl, and chilled it in the fridge while I made the icing.  That's it!  The decorating part is a whole other story.  The writing ended up being a little crooked but by the time I got to the dots, I felt like a pro.  (I didn't, actually, but I'm hoping that if I keep telling myself that then the next cake will be much easier!  A girl can dream...)

Bottom layer getting filled

Final product, complete with candles and super messy squiggles

We polished off that bad boy in the blink of an eye!



  1. It looks GREAT!!! Well done, I really think it's brilliant - especially if you say it's your first attempt? Love the colour scheme ;-) xo

  2. wow, that looks AWESOME! jealous and now wanting cake for breakfast, haha....

  3. That looks great..and yummy (thank you for making me hungry right before bed)
    Love the little dots!

  4. Mmm looks DELICIOUS!! My birthday is in september, maybe you can make one for me? haha... yeah you can dream dear & never say never.. I love your photos & if you really believe it & want it you will be a great prof photographer one day! Dream Believe Achieve ❤

  5. It looks SO good. Not bad for a first try! i want to swip one of those squiggles....

  6. Wow that looks amazingly delicious! And I definitely bookmarked that frosting recipe ^^

  7. Love love love the pictures and the cake looks delish..
    Thanks for your comment - your blog is lovely too. X


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