Awkward and Awesome

--I got a new computer last weekend!  Why is this awkward, you ask?  Well, because I'm still trying to get everything set up!  I used Migration Assistant (it's a Mac) but instead of making it all nice and in one place, it created a new user account.  So I have two Stephanies on my new Mac - "Stephanie" and "Stephanie Old."  Is that a metaphor for something?  I don't know.  But I do know I probably have to make a trip to the Apple store.  I just want all my music and photos in one place - is that too much to ask??
--I broke my sideview mirror on the passenger side of my car.  I swear I'm not a bad driver, or a bad parker.  My apartment building has 8 parking spots - 6 normal-sized and 2 super-narrow sized.  I came home late one night and all the normal-sized spots were taken.  I was stuck with the super-narrow spot.  I got in just fine so logic and basic physics means I should have been able to get out just fine, too, right?  Wrong.  So wrong.  Does this mean 7 years of bad luck?

--The checkout lady was so friendly last night!  We chatted about extreme couponers and she told me how people come in trying to be like "those crazy ladies on the show" but just can't do it right.  She made me laugh while bagging my groceries.  It's the little things.
--I got a new computer last weekend!  Despite the awkward and drawn out process of setting it up, this is still pretty awesome.  Her name is Mela.  It means "apple" in Italian.
--I picked up these little lovelies at the store.  They make me smile.  Maybe they'll make you smile, too.  :)



  1. my hubby is a computer genius (it's what he does for a living) and is an expert in Mac. E-mail me your problem and he may be able to give you easy directions to help ...

  2. The flowers definitely made me smile...fresh flowers are pretty much the best (c: And getting a new computer would be 100% awkward for me, I am the *least* tech savvy person on the planet. No really, *ON THE PLANET* (and that includes people that live in huts on the Amazon).

  3. hehe...I'm glad to see other people have parking mishaps too. I accidently hit our house last year when trying to park. In our old house we had too much stuff in the garage for me to park in it, so I would park on the slab behind the house. I had a really long day at work...cut the corner a little short....and hit the house. My husband happened to be standing in the doorway watching.

  4. it's amazing what fresh flowers can do for the home and the soul.

  5. The seven years bad luck only apply to mirrors you actually use to apply lipstick ;-) I know what you mean with the new computer thing: it all seems far to complicated and then I end up spening half the night trying to figure it out and feel very awkward indeed the next day... Have a lovely weekend xo

  6. I am totally one of those extreme coupon wannabe people :)

  7. Ugh, good luck with the computer issues. Macs and I do not get along at all so I'm of no use to you.

    Boo about your car mirror! I scraped my tyres along the brick edging in our driveway yesterday, so I feel you pain. I love Mademoiselle Poirot's lipstick mirror explanation :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for stopping by my blog:) Best wishes,

    Fashion Cat

  9. hi there.

    yay to a new computer, but yeah, they're pains in the butt too.
    i feel that i've neglected showing mine some lovin' - it has no name!

    hope your weekend is proving fab.

  10. those flowers make me smile :-) just wanted to tell you


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